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Title: Limits on Modded Guns
Post by: Justplanefun2 on April 11, 2015, 02:43:00 PM
Hi everyone,

Background: I'm the head moderator at Embry-Riddle which is a very small college.  We get only 40-150 people per game.  I am the most proficient modder on campus (although there are a couple others but they do small stuff like AR removals) and I rewired a Stryfe with a 9.6v NiMh battery pack.  It was awesome so I made another.  Then I recently took the first one and did a blade 180 motor swap and added a 2s Lipo on it.  It screams like a vacuum cleaner and shoots around 115 fps.

Some of my core players are complaining that these blasters are overpowered and disbalance the game in the humans favor.  Given the number of posts on this forum about how to modify blasters, it's safe to assume they're not truly game-breaking or people wouldn't be using them for the last 7 years.  But the complainers do have a point: my blasters are wayyyyy better than most people's.  Is there a way to balance this in the game?  Like adding special zombies or something to counter special humans with amazing weaponry?  How do I keep my blasters from ruining zombie morale to the point where they quit because they feel I'm invincible?  (I know I'm not invincible, but some of them feel they can't get close because of the blaster).

Any help is appreciated.  Thanks!

Title: Re: Limits on Modded Guns
Post by: legoexpo on August 06, 2015, 02:20:47 PM
Honestly, just tell your zombies to stop being lazy and come up with new tactics to deal with different nerf threats. everyone said the game was over for zombies when 35 drums were released and shocker, zombies were still winning.

You're ONE guy. With a limited number of darts. If zombies work on focusing you down instead of running in like idiots they'll get you. A lot of zombie complaints come from having little to zero organization. As soon as you get even a bit of organization, humans go down insanely fast because they run out of darts or get complacent.

I've been part of 300-400 person games where my small group of 15 were responsible for about 40% of all tags because we had WAY better organization than any other zombies.