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Title: Retaliator Plunger Tube Lip Problem
Post by: TrueLlamaLover on December 31, 2017, 07:30:14 PM
So I was modding the Nerf Retaliator (just a simple lock and AR removal as well as and installation of the OMW stage 1 kit), and when I did the test fire, the gun wouldn't catch! At first I thought it was the catch spring, but after some troubleshooting, this clearly wasn't the case. I finally found a [post]( explaining my situation pretty well.
(Here's the specific comment.)

Aha! Finally found the issue. The locks weren't it; it would resist regardless of if I had the bolt lock in. For some reason, inside the plunger tube, there's a small lip of plastic with an ever so slightly reduced ID that extends maybe a centimeter into the plunger tube. Normally, the lip appears to be enough for the O Ring to catch on, and have the plunger stop. My issue comes in that after being shot (or with any spring pressure), the O Ring will force itself into that reduced diameter area, resisting any push to get it to move out. I can only assume it doesn't do this on stock blasters as the AR provides enough cushion to stop the plunger head. No idea how we're going to fix this now, but at least we know the problem...

EDIT - Went back to look at the guides again, and SGNerf describes the area in his "Special Notes" section. I was considering just lubing it to hell and back to let it do its thing, but as far as I can tell, the O Ring isn't supposed to go past that lip. Why mine is, still don't know.

EDIT 2 - Apparently the buffer created by having a loaded dart (and not simply dry firing) is actually enough to stop it from jamming onto the lip. Interesting.

They mention that the buffer created by a loaded dart is enough to stop the issue, however, that wasn't the case for me. I could order an entire new Plunger system, but I don't to spend any more time or money (at least not anything above $15). What are my options? Also, sorry for no photos, I'm new to reddit and haven't done all the imgur stuff. And sorry for typos, if there are any, I accidentally deleted my original post and am in a hurry to write this one.


Title: Re: Retaliator Plunger Tube Lip Problem
Post by: Criderall on February 09, 2018, 02:29:49 AM
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