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 on: March 23, 2015, 07:56:45 AM 
Started by Zombona - Last post by Zombona
First off I wasn't exactly sure where to put this. "specific games" or "equipment and toys." I went with here as I want the Rapid Madness review to be the takeaway.

Last Friday I played a game of HVZ with this loadout.

Recently I playing in an HVZ event with only a BOOMco Rapid Madness. A boatload of clips and no secondary. I did die but to a lack of awareness rather than the blaster.

The game was a blast. Our mods really did a great job on this one. It was Skyrim themed and very well organized. We did have a bit of a slow start as the humans did very well the first half of the game. I don't remember firing my blaster the first half.

The second half was much more chaotic. I seperated from my squad after intermission to turn in a special side quest for ALL humans (turn off zombie spawn points). While I was away my squad died due to a special zombie ambush. After I turned off several zombie spawn points I ran around looking for a squad I could join. During this time I fended off several loan wolf zombies and intimidated several more away. While searching I encountered a corner zombie and I dodged him but my blaster jammed, Well not jammed but it refused to fire. As it turns out if the clip is not inserted enough then the black box can't grab onto the clip and start the carnage. All I had to do was slap the clip a little to align it and fire away. This was the only blaster issue I had during the night and completely preventable now that I know about it (and so do all of you know). I survived the encounter. But just barely.

Eventually I found a squad to join. Both were great runners, but that's about all they could do. One was armed with a Maverick and the other with a Rayven...that was missing a single battery (no battery door???). To be fair the Maverick dude was very good, blaster not so much, but he could dodge zombie grabs very well. The Rayven dude could run, that's about it. No firepower. (This is where I wished I brought a secondary or a handful of socks so he could contribute in some way). They were almost done with their first mission list so I joined and we completed it. At one time three zombies got between us and they decided to run away from me (the dude with the working blaster). After a long jog across campus and several sprints to tag the chase zombies I eventually caught up with them.

To complete the last mission we had to tag a zombie in a specific spot. The zombies knew that and were avoiding that spot. We had a duo of zombies that were watching us but not charging. I even put my blaster on the ground turned away from it and started dancing to taunt them into attacking. During this time many many more zombies appeared and I picked up my blaster. The squad started to run (away from the mission turn in spot). I told them to knock that off. There were six zombies vs one Rapid Madness and one Maverick that was way out of effective range. The zombies were split by a guardrail. All were in front of me. Using verbal taunting I managed to get them to commit to a charge and wiped them all out. We made it to the mission turn in and carried on with mission list number two.

On our way to the first mission there were some small skirmishes (no human casualties).
The first mission we attempt is the one where I die. We start to walk into a courtyard and a zombie jumps out from the zen waterfall and tags me. The zen waterfall is a little alcove with a waterfall. It is extremely dark and night and I really did not expect anyone to hide in there. Here is where i got to watch the Maverick dude dodge his way to survival and tag a zombie with a jammed Maverick.

Now that I was tagged it was time for the real fun to begin. Time to become the hunter not the hunted. With the second intermission being so close I walked back to my car to deposit my gear and meet the zombie moderator/coordinator while we walked to the intermission point.

After hearing the missions a couple of us came up with a plan. We had to keep the humans away from a statue for 30 minutes (to win they had to be in the circle for 5 minutes). We choose six fast runners to meet the human survivors on their way the statue. Our job was to invoke fear and slow them down the rest of the zombies could get to the statue and prepare. There were 11 humans left. After our surge we successfully slowed them down and managed to get three humans. 8 left. After I got stunned I took off for the statue, respawned, and got the rest of the zombies coordinated. Many many zombies hiding behind trees which would have been very effective if the humans were moving differently. The avoided the trees and hugged the building. I rallied the zombies and gave instructions. Charge and produce chaos in the ranks. I counted down the charge and the carnage began. We got 6 humans in the charge. Only 2 humans left, one was a human mod with a melee weapon.

He got in the circle and almost won it for the humans. For some reason when there are so few humans left the zombies start lollygagging around. We only had about 4 serious zombies attempting to tag him. It took us about 4 tries to get him.

The last human took off sprinting away from the objective. A couple of the faster zombies took off after him while the bulk of the horde guarded the statue. With about 10 minutes left in the finale we see the last human walking back with a zombie. He got tagged.

The Rapid Madness in conclusion:

I absolutely loved this blaster, as did the humans I ran with and the zombies hated it. Anything I shot at I hit. 3 dart bursts with every squeeze of the trigger. It was incredibly easy keeping the air tank topped off and ammo was never an issue. It was a bit heavier and bulkier than I am used to but it didn't slow me down much. I didn't even break out the 40rd clips until after the guardrail skirmish. It is very easy to top off this clip system. Just advance the clip a bit and fill in the missing slots. This way while you are reloading you can still fire (albeit from a different spot on the clip but firing nonetheless). Then when reloaded just take the clip out and reinsert it. Next game I will only be taking the 40rd clips and spare darts. A note about the darts however. They are very difficult to see and recover, however at the end of the game I was the only BOOMco user so I was able to get most of the darts back as the zombies pick up darts and turn them back into mods.

 on: March 22, 2015, 06:04:03 PM 
Started by Kato - Last post by Mzzkc
The typical approach in the past has been to have members and officers open up their dorm rooms to prospective guests and have players request those accommodations on a first-come-first-serve basis.

This obviously tacks on another set of logistics for y'all to deal with in the months heading up to the Invitational as you need to keep track of available rooms, when you've run out, and whether you've contacted everyone who has requested a room at least a month before the event. For whatever reason, admin teams have been more or less leaving it to the players to sort out on their own these days. I guess this works fine for people who have friends and contacts already, but can be alienating for first-timers.

Another approach (that rarely works) is contacting local hotels and trying to throw together a group discount for your guests.

Source: have run invitationals before

 on: March 22, 2015, 01:33:52 PM 
Started by aspeckm - Last post by aspeckm
For all the rules and regulations, read through this powerpoint: http://tinyurl.com/mfy9a9k. As stated above, the game starts monday at 12:00 AM (April 6th) and goes to 11:59 PM on Friday the 10th. Hope to see you then!

 on: March 20, 2015, 04:14:48 PM 
Started by [MOSSBERG] - Last post by Eric aka Sven
I'm a 7 year HvZ Vet who is moving to El Paso this summer, and I would love to do a game down there that is local.

 on: March 19, 2015, 07:18:37 PM 
Started by rekk34 - Last post by rekk34
Thanks guys, I'm gonna try to seat the motors more closely, swap and clean the flywheels, and downgrade to a 2s lipo.

Update: Worked beautifully. Everything is running like it should now. Thanks again.

 on: March 19, 2015, 06:26:08 PM 
Started by rekk34 - Last post by CS- Tiff
Clean the shafts and flywheel bores, oil/grease will make them walk off. Also, try using a different fly set, the ray flies have the loosest fits. Also, 3S on those is unnecessary speed and using 2S would likely eliminate the trouble.

But what if he wanted extra noise and screaminess?

 on: March 19, 2015, 12:31:52 PM 
Started by rekk34 - Last post by torukmakto4
Clean the shafts and flywheel bores, oil/grease will make them walk off. Also, try using a different fly set, the ray flies have the loosest fits. Also, 3S on those is unnecessary speed and using 2S would likely eliminate the trouble.

 on: March 19, 2015, 07:53:45 AM 
Started by rekk34 - Last post by CS- Tiff
Hmm, never encountered this problem before. Maybe you didn't push the motor all the way in or you didn't push the flywheel far enough. Do the 180 pro motors have gears on their shafts? If so, remove them.

 on: March 19, 2015, 12:29:26 AM 
Started by rekk34 - Last post by rekk34
I've recently started a project that involves a rayven running 180 blade pro motors and I'm finding that the motors are repeatedly spinning the flywheels off of their shafts after running through a few clips. The 180 pros appear to have shorter shafts than the stock rayven motors which prevents the flywheels from mounting quite as deeply on them. I'm believe that if the shafts were longer, the flywheels would be able to maintain stability, but I'm wondering if anyone else has run into this problem before and if there is any solution short of using a motor with a longer shaft.

Note: I'm currently running the motors on a 3s lipo.



 on: March 16, 2015, 09:40:17 AM 
Started by Ozymandias - Last post by CS- Tiff
Ok, this is gonna take a while.

Everything depends on your choice of playstyle, I will outline a few.

Aggressive - Stun as many zombies as possible and finish as many missions as possible

For this playstyle, you want something that has a nice rate of fire, pretty good distance, OK accuracy, and some good FPS (feet per second that the dart travels).

I will highlight a few choices of blasters for this playstyle.


This blaster is fully automatic with OK ROF (3.2 ish Darts per second), nice distance, kind of inaccurate, and gets standard elite FPS (60-75 ish). It is clip/magazine compatible, meaning you can fire up to 35 rounds at a time without having to reload. This blaster is a bit pricey, usually selling for $40, I wouldn't say it's worth it, but since it has that full auto capability, give it a shot (no pun intended).


This blaster is semi automatic with OK ROF (however fast you can pull the trigger, however there is an exception which i will get into in a second), nice distance, OK accuracy, and get standard elite FPS although it is a bit more consistent (65-75 ish). The exception I was talking about earlier is that the stryfe has a lock which prevents you from pulling the trigger when a dart is not in the magazine/clip. When using a faulty dart or clip, the dart in the magazine might not push up that lock which might lock up the trigger during gameplay which can lead to bad things. Even a baby can remove this lock. Open the blaster and just take the orange piece out. That is all you need to do to make your stryfe TRULY semi-automatic. For some people, this means that you can shoot faster than a rapidstrike with a stryfe. For those people, you are in luck, as the stryfe usually retails for about $20! That's half the price of the Rapidstrike!


Pretty much a stryfe but it has a trigger pull a little bit heftier than a stryfe and comes with a stock that is one of the best stocks for nerfers and it is very comfortable. One thing that may be good or bad is that it doesn't take clips. This will be a very big No No for some of you, but the rotating turret that takes the place of magazines has its upsides. For example, those who have not accumulated many magazines or darts overtime, you can just pick a dart up and shove it in the hole of the turret (giggiteehee). Same price as a stryfe.


Same as stryfe, FPS readings are a bit more consistent (~70 ish) but the dart sensor is removed so your ROF can be substantially higher. It also comes with a missle launcher which has pretty horrible velocity readings and It doesn't seem to be very affective anywhere. Plus, lots of campuses have bans on different types of ammo types such as the demolisher rockets which are a little bit harder on the top (giggiteehee again). The big turnaround is that it costs around $40.

Just my few cents because I don't really have anything else to say now.

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