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 on: February 20, 2015, 12:04:33 PM 
Started by spineyrequiem - Last post by Zombona
I try spreading them around. Not everyone is on /r/Nerf.

I'm tinkering with my Rapid Madness as well. I'll post some pics here when it's done as it will increase the bladder capacity.
I dream of a day when the RM can nom a 40rd clip without batting an eye.

 on: February 19, 2015, 12:21:07 PM 
Started by spineyrequiem - Last post by spineyrequiem
I'd love to get a Dynamag, but unfortunately I'm British and they aren't shipping to us yet. Hopefully they'll have fixed the slipping issue by the time I'm able to buy one.

Thanks for the pictures, I remember you showing them on the reddit!

 on: February 18, 2015, 04:19:35 AM 
Started by agentjonnyb - Last post by agentjonnyb
Over the past set of months, we've formulated a lot of other ideas in addition to our Humans vs. Zombies Webseries, which is to be reborn and expanded as Dead Reckoning later this year. These other ideas however, are for a series of videos meant to be much more true to actual Nerf/HvZ gameplay and player life, but obviously with some extra comedic embellishments. This new series is branded College Warfare, as it is to cover both HvZ and regular Nerf games, thus a more universal title for both.

To kick this off, we launched our first episode of this new series for Valentine's Day, and we are confident many of you will really enjoy this - can't go wrong with two lovely girls waging an Epic Nerf Sword duel over a guy, right?! It's kinda reminiscent of Mean Girls, haha!! Had a fantastic time collaborating with ShiningFoam (www.facebook.com/ShiningFoam) and Duplicitous Dichotomy Cosplay (www.facebook.com/DuplicitousDichotomy) on this one! Several of our ideas for the next installments are back to more HvZ-centric topics! Hope you all enjoy!

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElayojLuYOw" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElayojLuYOw</a>

-AgentJonnyB-Films (www.facebook.com/AgentJonnyB)

 on: February 17, 2015, 03:27:00 PM 
Started by Wyzard - Last post by Wyzard
(some of the overview is redundant but this all the information we have at the moment)
September 18 & 19
Times not set yet

Grand Williston Hotel
3601 2nd Avenue West
Williston, ND 58801


-HvZ is a game that pits a team of human players against a opposition of zombie players. The humans are required to go on missions. These missions are to keep the pace of the game mobile and create opportunities for the zombie to score tags. If a human is tagged by a zombie they are considered out and then can go stash their gear so then can join the zombie horde. If a zombie is struck with a projectile (nerf dart, balled up sock, or other approved items) they are stunned. A stunned zombie has to count out loud to 15 and cannot move towards humans or make tags. Zombie can flee after being stunned to gain cover or regroup.

-All the players will start out on side "Human". We will need a few volunteers or moderators to be on side "Zombie" for the start until the side has gotten large enough.

Approved weapons are as follows:

Nerf/Toy Blasters that shoot foam projectiles. These can be darts/balls/discs/ect
All items must look like toys and have orange safety tips!
Slightly modded guns are allowed, all modifications must be shown or explained to the moderators (this includes repaints). There is no rule of thumb but basic mods are mostly ok, spring swaps, air restrictors, electronic locks. Any blasters that reduce dart size will most likely be banned.

Balled up socks/foam noodle gernades/if you have a replacement you can get it checked with the moderators to see if you can use it.

Non-approved weapons are as follows:
While some of these are perfectly safe there are to many variables to check when it comes to this. Please stay with stock darts that come with your blasters.

Melee weapons, the only physical contact allowed in this is two handed tags by the zombie. No bats, swords, or anything. Even foam or boffer weapons. Just don't!

Safe areas will be designated by the moderators during the game. In addition if there is ever a physical injury or emergency play will be stop until the situation is handled.

Safe areas are designated by two types:

Sanctuary - Sanctuary is a location that there is no game going on and cannot be played at. Examples are the vender room and bathrooms. If you use Sanctuary rooms to escape being tagged by zombies you are immediately out. Sanctuary is intended to protect the safety and privacy of non participants.

Refuge - Refuge is a location that zombies cannot enter for game purposes, this allows humans to fall back in being overrun. Zombies can hang around the outside of such locations and camp them. Refuge locations can change throughout the game. No place is safe forever!

How do I tell zombies apart from humans?!
A human player is going to wear a bandana around one of their arms or wrists. A zombie is going to wear their bandana around their head. Easy! Players cannot hide these items they must be displayed as best as the can. Brighter the colors the better.

Dart Blaster!
Eye Protection

 on: February 16, 2015, 09:53:26 AM 
Started by spineyrequiem - Last post by Zombona
I have to agree with this. I picked up a Rapid Madness when Amazon was selling this for cheap. I fell in love with BOOMco from that point on. The reliability is absolutely unbeatable, especially on something with such a large capacity.

If you like the RM you should check out the Dynamag.
It requires a little bit of work.

-Worked on fixing the clip compatability issue.
-Finally figured out how to fix the issue.
-Comparing the different clips.

 on: February 15, 2015, 11:52:13 PM 
Started by Kato - Last post by Jarvii
Go talk to whoever runs your school's Student Organizations, even if you aren't one they might have some options for you or they might at least be able to help you set up something.

 on: February 12, 2015, 05:00:24 PM 
Started by Rexar5 - Last post by CS- Tiff
Those are not resistors, they are inductors.

The stock harness is junk, and it does have a lot of stray resistance. Rewiring will help you even if you use the alkaleak tray (note: after throwing away a couple sets of cells, the alkalines are not actually cheapass) and is recommended. I can't say what ROF might be, it will be improved slightly.

If you are concerned about too high a rate of fire, stop worrying and wait until you get out in the field. You will only want it higher. I don't have a problem controlling 10/12rps, you will get 4 max. I don't use these stock pusher motors because I find less than 500RPM is not very effective.

Citation needed on the 2 fps. A Stryfe rewire adds more than 2 fps, and those are colder motors and a stock wiring harness that doesn't suck as badly. Rewiring and removing the flywheel diode drop and all the thin wire will definitely do something to velocity, ROF and response. Plus a rewire leaves a RS ready for a proper battery with no modifications and kills all the shoddy soldering that Hasbro left and all the interlocks that can get you tagged.

Hmmmmmm... didn't consider those factors. I also stand corrected. I was thinking of a switch replacement not a rewire. I came across a video where the guy didn't want to replace the switch because he said it would only ad +2 fps but then again, I'm a person who wants to squeeze every last bit of performance out of my blasters.

EDIT: Anyone have a good link for some fk's? The link that I usually use ($3 for 1 esky lama v4) ran out and I am in need of some more fk's.

 on: February 12, 2015, 02:47:23 PM 
Started by spineyrequiem - Last post by spineyrequiem
This is a blaster you may well have heard about, as it caused something of a stir when released. It's one of the very few air-powered blasters around, and fires full-auto with a simply absurd rate of fire. It's also by far my favourite blaster.

A little background on our games. Here at University of Birmingham, we only have games lasting a few hours, in quite a small area (the Vale Village, if you happen to know it). As a result, missions are deliberately made very dangerous for humans so as to kill us off in time. We'll frequently have to look after walking VIPs, search for objects in an area perfect for ambushes and engage in PVP battles where some of the losers become zombies. Not only this, but zombies have a mere thirty second respawn timer, forcing us to keep moving on missions. We therefore need to be as lethal as possible to have any chance of making it to the end. This is somewhat hampered by the fact we don't really mod blasters - we don't have the expertise as a group, and safety requirements are fairly strict, for obvious reasons.

Thus, the Rapid Madness. A lot of reviewers looked at it and dismissed it as awesome, but impractical. I disagree heartily. Their main concern was that it takes a while to pump back up from empty, and I won't dispute this. I deal with this problem by the simple expedient of not having to pump from empty - single zombies will rarely need more than three or four darts to take down, and I can quickly pump back up on the move, while still having plenty of air to deal with emergencies. When I do empty the tank, I've usually taken down all the zombies in the immediate area and thus am fairly safe to reload. If not... well, my squadmates are there for a reason. The other disadvantage is range. It's often said that there is no such thing as a sniper rifle in Nerf (and similar), and this blaster is a prime example. While ranges aren't dreadful, you certainly won't be picking zombies off from half a football pitch away. It's a close-range blaster and should be used appropriately.

Now, onto the advantages. The most obvious is the rate of fire. It blasts out around ten darts a second if you hold the trigger down, and while this does mean you can spray a whole magazine if you don't know what you're doing, if you have control a two to four dart burst can pretty much guarantee a hit. This ability to reliably take down zombies leads onto its second great advantage - reliability. My Rapid Madness has never once jammed on me. Occasionally, it'll skip a dart, but no matter what, I know that, if it's properly loaded, pulling the trigger will guarantee at least one dart firing. By contrast, I've been killed by jams on everything from a Demolisher to an Alpha Trooper to a Strongarm. This even applies if I'm using trampled darts in a muddy magazine (yes, this happened last weekend. Still fired.) Finally, there's no need for a spin-up, like in electronic blasters. This means, firstly, that even surprise encounters can be immediately dealt with, but also allows far greater stealth, as you will not be given away by flywheels' distinctive whine. It also means that idiots like me won't jam it constantly by firing when it's not properly spun up.

So what do you need to make it work? The very first thing, as with all blasters, is friends. When I did finally die last week, it was to a surprise zombie attacking me as I reloaded, since I'd let most of the squad go ahead with a VIP while I and a hailfire held the horde off. Unfortunately, he jammed at that crucial moment. With more squadmates, I'd have been OK. The second thing is sidearms. They're already pretty important when having to cope with jams, but are even more so when you know you've only got twenty shots before you have to pump up again. Personally, I carry a Roughcut (though not last game, as I couldn't find the bag), a Strongarm (which I'm planning to replace with a Hammershot, for easier one-handed firing), a BOOMCO Railstinger attached to the top (which I wish I'd remembered about when I died) and a BOOMCO Farshot, which actually ended up as my go-to blaster for dealing with single leftover zombies. I also used an improvised three-point sling to let me drop the Rapid Madness as soon as it stopped firing without having to worry about losing it. Finally, you'll need to invest in magazines and extra darts if you want to make it your primary, as BOOMCO use a different system. Here, however, lies another advantage. BOOMCO twenty-dart magazines are double-stack and fairly short, allowing them to easily fit in NATO mag pouches -  I can fit two into each pouch of my British Army webbing. Forty dart mags are around the size of an eighteen-darter, though rather fatter, and have the great advantage of holding an unreasonable number of darts.

Now I'll admit that it's not for everyone. The lack of range is something of a weakness, and I know many people dislike automatics. As well as this, investing in a new dart ecosystem is always painful. However, it's not overly pricey if you buy at the right time (I got mine for £25, and I've seen them lower), and I'm sure your society's got some rich kid you can pester into buying one just so you can try it out. If nothing else, it's really good fun and nothing beats the satisfaction of taking down four people in a couple of seconds.

 on: February 12, 2015, 02:29:47 PM 
Started by Kato - Last post by Kato
Hey guys I need some help/advice.

My school and I are trying to hold a weekend game for other schools to come play on our campus. The only issue we have ran into so far has been how are we supposed to house possibly 200-300 people. I was thinking like a tent city or finding some rec rooms in the middle of campus to rent out for the weekend and just have them bring sleeping bags. We are getting to the point of telling everyone to just rent a hotel room but I know that will significantly drop our expected numbers.

Any advice on what you have seen at other schools or how you would handle please let me know we would like this to become an annual event.

 on: February 12, 2015, 02:22:49 PM 
Started by Kato - Last post by Kato
If any other schools would want to drive from farther. We would love to have you. The more the deadier

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