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 on: April 22, 2014, 03:58:15 pm 
Started by Mzzkc - Last post by CountryCuz2011
I think the main reason why people are asking about my praxis is that I have it so it rests in "Spartan-style," like in Halo. Not saying your idea doesn't work, just people are asking a different question.

 on: April 22, 2014, 03:42:30 pm 
Started by Mzzkc - Last post by Argurotox
Just a side note on the magnet thing - I'm no engineer, but would it not be easier to use a combination of sling and magnetic plate? Say, a one-point sling clipped to your shoulder, and a belt-mounted magnetic plate extending up from the small of your back, to enable you to basically toss the blaster to your back, have most of the weight on the sling, and the magnetic plate keep it tucked close to your body rather than swinging about everywhere (the main weakness IMO of the sling)? This would allow you not to worry about the magnet being too strong to go back for the slung weapon, as it doesn't need to be strong enough to take the full weight..

 on: April 22, 2014, 11:42:02 am 
Started by Mzzkc - Last post by CountryCuz2011
A tight fitting shirt might work; I have no experience here so take my word with a grain of salt. Working with my own kind of logic, I believe an adjusting item of clothing would work best. At least if there is any slack you can fix that quickly by adjusting a few straps. That's why I'm using suspenders to mount mine.

I'm curious if it's possible to attach some kind of flexible, metal plate to the inside of a shirt, and it could act as a appropriate mount for the setup? Just some thoughts I'm mowing over right.

And for further clarification, I don't have really any experience with magnets either. When i saw the magnet I'm using, I just thought to myself, "that's looks strong enough to hold up a Nerf blaster." I am just lucky that I was right. Also, some of the suggestions I made earlier are from speculation as I learn more about what it takes to make a proper Halo mount.

Here is a source to begin some research into magnets: http://www.custom-magnets.com/magnetic_tape_specs.htm and http://www.magnogrip.com/index.cfm?pid=10570. So interesting fact; the magnogrip I use for my setup has a maximum tape measure holding capacity of 1.5 lbs. That is enough strength to hold up a Praxis, RDS, raider stock, and extended clip with 17+1 capacity. The chart I gave you from the other website shows you minimum magnetic pull in lbs. per linear foot. As the chart shows, 30 mil 1 inch magnetic tape with indoor adhesive has 6 lbs. per linear foot minimum magnetic pull. That is a lot of pulling power. Just for your educational benefit.

 on: April 22, 2014, 10:23:24 am 
Started by Mzzkc - Last post by The Last Vulcaneer
The jacket im thinking of isn't any specific brand, just some tight fitting probably nylon jacket, that will keep me decently warm here in Indiana. I know absolutely nothing about magnets, so im open to suggestions. lol

 on: April 21, 2014, 11:10:39 pm 
Started by Mzzkc - Last post by CountryCuz2011
Ummm...used a good slab of Gorilla epoxy  Cool. It's not a particularly pretty mod, but it gets the job done. The Praxis is blessed with a flat surface to do this mod fairly easy. I am researching ways to glue magnets on the inside of the shell; it's a work in progress.

 on: April 21, 2014, 10:58:07 pm 
Started by Mzzkc - Last post by irishknots
Would you mind posting some pictures of your magnet attachment on the praxis? I would love to see how you went about nesting it into the blaster itself.

 on: April 21, 2014, 09:23:05 pm 
Started by Mzzkc - Last post by CountryCuz2011
Interesting question, Pompadour. The short answer is...just because.  Wink

There is a slightly longer answer, of course. I used to use a pyragon as my primary of choice for the last, let's say year and a half. This semester is the first time I used the praxis.

A little back story. My pyragon started acting funny at the beginning of last fall semester. Whenever I attempted to slamfire, every other disc will jam, preventing a continuance flow of shots. Eventually, I got tired of trying to fix it, and I bought a Praxis. Alongside that, I have never been a big supporter of slamfire. It has its uses, but for the most part I prefer single-fire mode (I hate wasteful ammo bursts from slamfire).

The Praxis, as far as I knew, had a pretty good track record, it didn't have slamfire (so it couldn't jam from trying to do so), and it was cheaper to buy than another Pyragon (I was broke at the time  Tongue; this is where "just because" comes in). So essentially, the Praxis fulfilled all of my prerequisites for my battle rifle concept (see my original post for an overview of that concept). My reasoning at the time was that I needed another blaster, but since I really didn't use slamfire the Praxis was good enough to do the job.

I will admit; the Pyragon IS better than the Praxis on paper. That being said, the Praxis is good enough to get the job done. I have yet to experience reliability issues from it, it fits my playing style (single-fire mode), and it has done a pretty damn good job so far.

So basically, to answer your question, there is no reason for me to buy another Pyragon, even though it is better than the Praxis. I'm just trying to save money (and space....so many Nerf blasters) by keeping the Praxis.

 on: April 21, 2014, 04:44:09 pm 
Started by Mzzkc - Last post by Pompadour64
Out of curiosity, why the praxis over the pyragon?

 on: April 21, 2014, 04:39:21 pm 
Started by Cweed - Last post by MamaNavi
Hi all! Name's Shannon, and I'm the Vice President and Head Zombie of the Northern Arizona University branch of HvZ, in Flagstaff Arizona. I was forced to sign up a year and a half ago by a friend, got offered to be an original zombie, and was suddenly thrown into the world of moderating (our old board of officers were, how you say, unorganized). The entire governing board of our game dropped off the face of the planet at the beginning of this last fall semester, so we're still scrambling to get back up on our feet. I can't wait to get some insights as to how other games are run Smiley

Also, as Head Zombie I've only ever played one game as human, and even then I stick to socks. I know how zombies work, I wouldn't be caught dead with a nerf blaster.

 on: April 21, 2014, 12:32:44 pm 
Started by Mzzkc - Last post by CountryCuz2011
Potentially...keep in mind I made this system for my battle rifle concept. As for a two blaster loadout, I believe it can be done (with strong disclaimers). For clarification, the magnet I used would not be helpful for running a second primary. It actually takes two hands to dismount it from my back, one to hold the metal clip attached to my suspenders and the other hand for my Praxis. It takes light pressure to pry it from my back. It's simple to do, but I don't think this particular magnet will suit your needs. This is the exact magnet I used (I bought mine from Walmart for $8) http://www.magnogrip.com/index.cfm?pid=10570

That being said, with the right kind of magnets, this mod may be possible. When choosing magnets, you want something that's going to be strong enough to hold the blaster to your shirt, but not TOO strong. Especially since you want to mount this system to a jacket (what kind?), the looseness of the clothing is going to make this system uncomfortable at best to perform, impossible to transition at worst. Basically, what would happen is that you will try to grab the blaster from your back, but if your magnets are too strong the clothing will come with the blaster and it will not leave your back. You will be standing there trying to pry your second blaster from your back and a zombie will tag you. Obviously, using weak magnets will cause your blaster to fall to the ground when you're running (side note: when determining what magnets to use, make sure to factor in the heaviest magazine you will be using while it is holstered).

In addition, like I asked earlier, you need to be careful what kind of jacket you use. Besides the earlier issue I pointed out, another concern is that the weight of the blaster holstered may pull your jacket backwards, which would defeat the purpose of the mod. You need to choose a jacket that will be strong enough structurally to take the weight and retain a regular, normal appearance. A tactical vest would work well depending on what magnets you use....

...which brings us to the next issue. You want to make sure the metal platform itself is suited for the task. You can get away with using a small magnet, but you cannot get away with using a small metallic platform. The bigger the metallic platform, the easier it will be to find it when you are transitioning blasters. Another concern, depending on the strength of your magnets, is creating a metallic platform that can "catch" the magnet on your blaster. The magnet system I use allows me to slide it into a U-shaped section that perfectly fits the magnet I'm using. This cut-out will take some of the weight of the blaster for your magnet, which may allow you to use weaker magnets (=faster, more fluid transitions). This cut-out will also prevents you from placing the blaster of a small section of the metallic platform in your haste to holster your blaster. Just some suggestions.

Finally, and I think this may be the fun part of figuring this stuff out, you need to think about how exactly you want to transition your blasters (please post what kind of blasters you plan to use). The Halo mounting system is not like a sling, which is pretty intuitive to use. You have to create a fluid, comfortable technique to unholster one blaster with one hand while holstering another blaster. If you're only planning on transitioning before potential trouble (not when you have a jam), this process will not be that troublesome to think about. When I holster my Praxis, I bring it up over my head, I grab the magnet glued to the shell, and I use it to guide the blaster into the  metallic holster. Obviously, this technique will not work with two primary sized blasters.

So when you see this post, please comment about what kind of jacket you're using, what magnets you think you want to use, and what blasters are you going to be holstering.

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