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 on: April 21, 2014, 04:44:09 pm 
Started by Mzzkc - Last post by Pompadour64
Out of curiosity, why the praxis over the pyragon?

 on: April 21, 2014, 04:39:21 pm 
Started by Cweed - Last post by MamaNavi
Hi all! Name's Shannon, and I'm the Vice President and Head Zombie of the Northern Arizona University branch of HvZ, in Flagstaff Arizona. I was forced to sign up a year and a half ago by a friend, got offered to be an original zombie, and was suddenly thrown into the world of moderating (our old board of officers were, how you say, unorganized). The entire governing board of our game dropped off the face of the planet at the beginning of this last fall semester, so we're still scrambling to get back up on our feet. I can't wait to get some insights as to how other games are run Smiley

Also, as Head Zombie I've only ever played one game as human, and even then I stick to socks. I know how zombies work, I wouldn't be caught dead with a nerf blaster.

 on: April 21, 2014, 12:32:44 pm 
Started by Mzzkc - Last post by CountryCuz2011
Potentially...keep in mind I made this system for my battle rifle concept. As for a two blaster loadout, I believe it can be done (with strong disclaimers). For clarification, the magnet I used would not be helpful for running a second primary. It actually takes two hands to dismount it from my back, one to hold the metal clip attached to my suspenders and the other hand for my Praxis. It takes light pressure to pry it from my back. It's simple to do, but I don't think this particular magnet will suit your needs. This is the exact magnet I used (I bought mine from Walmart for $8) http://www.magnogrip.com/index.cfm?pid=10570

That being said, with the right kind of magnets, this mod may be possible. When choosing magnets, you want something that's going to be strong enough to hold the blaster to your shirt, but not TOO strong. Especially since you want to mount this system to a jacket (what kind?), the looseness of the clothing is going to make this system uncomfortable at best to perform, impossible to transition at worst. Basically, what would happen is that you will try to grab the blaster from your back, but if your magnets are too strong the clothing will come with the blaster and it will not leave your back. You will be standing there trying to pry your second blaster from your back and a zombie will tag you. Obviously, using weak magnets will cause your blaster to fall to the ground when you're running (side note: when determining what magnets to use, make sure to factor in the heaviest magazine you will be using while it is holstered).

In addition, like I asked earlier, you need to be careful what kind of jacket you use. Besides the earlier issue I pointed out, another concern is that the weight of the blaster holstered may pull your jacket backwards, which would defeat the purpose of the mod. You need to choose a jacket that will be strong enough structurally to take the weight and retain a regular, normal appearance. A tactical vest would work well depending on what magnets you use....

...which brings us to the next issue. You want to make sure the metal platform itself is suited for the task. You can get away with using a small magnet, but you cannot get away with using a small metallic platform. The bigger the metallic platform, the easier it will be to find it when you are transitioning blasters. Another concern, depending on the strength of your magnets, is creating a metallic platform that can "catch" the magnet on your blaster. The magnet system I use allows me to slide it into a U-shaped section that perfectly fits the magnet I'm using. This cut-out will take some of the weight of the blaster for your magnet, which may allow you to use weaker magnets (=faster, more fluid transitions). This cut-out will also prevents you from placing the blaster of a small section of the metallic platform in your haste to holster your blaster. Just some suggestions.

Finally, and I think this may be the fun part of figuring this stuff out, you need to think about how exactly you want to transition your blasters (please post what kind of blasters you plan to use). The Halo mounting system is not like a sling, which is pretty intuitive to use. You have to create a fluid, comfortable technique to unholster one blaster with one hand while holstering another blaster. If you're only planning on transitioning before potential trouble (not when you have a jam), this process will not be that troublesome to think about. When I holster my Praxis, I bring it up over my head, I grab the magnet glued to the shell, and I use it to guide the blaster into the  metallic holster. Obviously, this technique will not work with two primary sized blasters.

So when you see this post, please comment about what kind of jacket you're using, what magnets you think you want to use, and what blasters are you going to be holstering.

 on: April 21, 2014, 09:44:57 am 
Started by Mzzkc - Last post by The Last Vulcaneer
Okay, I have been looking and looking for something to do a Spartan-style mount, and you, sir, have nailed it. Now I have a question, if you were to embed (or glue on) heavier magnets to the guns and whatever you decide to hold it up with (I was going to buy two special shirts and a jacket) would it hold on better, so you could potentially run with two primaries?

 on: April 21, 2014, 12:25:00 am 
Started by CountryCuz2011 - Last post by Bobololo
I'm going to try and get as close to actual cost as possible for my last HvZ heavy loadout. I've used different, more expensive loadouts in the past, but whatever.

NcStar MOLLE Tac-vest: $25 (at the time)
2 Boildown Bags: $15.96
Limey Tactical Stryfe Holder: $42
8 18round mags: $80
Limey Tactical Loose Dart bag: $19

Blaster junk
American Stampede: ~$160
Modified stryfe: $40
Triad: $7
Socks: $3

Overall: $391.60

I expected higher. This is just one of the loadouts I've run with. I've had higher, and I've had lower. This doesn't include any cameras + batteries I had on me, nor does it add in shipping.

 on: April 20, 2014, 09:45:16 pm 
Started by TheSilverhead - Last post by cadens
To all Vulcan modders:

So, it seems OMW no longer lists the 5kg spring for the Vulcan. Do any of you know of other springs that could function in the Vulcan? I've never cracked open a Swamfire, but would the 8kg spring for that work in the Vulcan? Or, would that same 8kg spring work in a Triad? Thanks.

 on: April 20, 2014, 05:16:10 pm 
Started by CountryCuz2011 - Last post by irishknots
Tactical Gear
Vest - $34
Drop-leg Holster (Lazer Tag version) - $25 (at the time)
Shemagh - $10
Bandana - $1

Rapidstrike + underslung Swarmfire + Battery - $75
Stryfe + Battery - $31
Jolt - $5
4-18 Mags - $45
3-12 Mags - $30
2-6 Mags - $10

Socks - $5
Blowgun - $10
Flashlight - $5
Modding materials - $45
Battery materials - $35

Total : $366

Surprisingly low for what I KNOW I have spent on many other blasters and equipment.

    This cost is only indicative of my current load-out. I like many others have been into this game for years. Through the years, our blasters of choice and how we carry them evolves. We hear "back in my day we only used 6 clips," and are reminded of how far we truly have come. Also becoming comfortable with your play style will greatly change your load-out. I am a well armed "ranger" style player, and my load-out shows that. Just a few blasters + clips are all I need. I know plenty of others who carry much more than I do, but are no where close as mobile.

 on: April 20, 2014, 03:33:18 pm 
Started by Mzzkc - Last post by CountryCuz2011
I think it's about time I talked about my loadout, especially since I finally figured out how to upload pictures from my "dumb" phone to the internet. And just think what wonderful profile pictures I could be taking of myself instead of waiting for someone else to upload one to their Facebook page for me  Grin.

Anyway, here is some visuals of my loadout thus far. Keep in mind that my setup changes slightly whether I'm playing at my school's main game or its mini games. These pictures represent my loadout during our weekly Saturday mini games; if you look at my signature, you will see that these pictures do not show my dump pouch, 40-drum, sock pouch, or Mechanix gloves; I add and subtract stuff base off my firepower vs. mobility needs. That being said, here is some pictures for you viewing pleasure (I attached them as attachments).

Essentially, my philosophy for my loadout is to be streamlined while carrying enough equipment to get the job done. I like to maintain middle ground when building my system; I don't favor firepower over mobility, nor vice versa. Speaking of system, I have spent several years carefully constructing this loadout. Every piece of equipment shown and not shown on these pictures has a job of some sort, and all of these items are designed with the intention to work seamlessly together.

Let's now talk about the setup itself. Personally, I found that LBE's like the one you see in the pictures is the best way to go for HvZ. My main setup is designed to allow maximum breath-ability without sacrificing too much real estate on the rig. Basically, the way I constructed my main setup is I bought an Outdoor Products fanny pack, bought two Vortex ammo belts for the magazine holders/pouches, and I looped those components onto the strap. I then added suspenders to support the system. Overall, this system affords me a lot of mobility while allowing me to have to cargo space to carry extra clips, gear, etc. I have tried so many other setups before I got to this one (ex. Nerf tactical vest, airsoft chest rig, etc.). This one has worked time and time again.

Let's now discuss my blaster setup. I employ what I like to call the "battle rifle concept" to my setup. Basically, the battle rifle concept entails single-wielding one piece of equipment; your entire loadout is dedicated to supporting that one item. For my standard loadout, I choose to single-wield a Praxis; I do not carry any other blasters as secondaries, sidearms, etc. From experience, I found that an one blaster loadout is the best way to go for my particular game. It's simple, relatively cheap to manage, training is easy/straight forward, light weight, and it's intuitive within some respects (don't have to worry about asking, "what blaster I should use for this situation;" pretty straight-forward). I have nothing against anyone who chooses to carry extra blasters/socks on their person. The reason why I choose to carry one blaster is that, realistically, it has gotten me through a lot problems than any other setup I have tried.

As for the blaster I chose, there are several reasons why I carry a Praxis. From my experience, Vortex has just worked for me. It's reliable, very precise (vs. accurate, which it is not; takes certain skills to make your rounds count with Vortex blasters), light weight, has a good track record, very ergonomic, etc. There is a slightly higher entry cost for getting into Vortex blasters; you have to be willing to buy enough discs to carry with you into combat or replace lost, stolen, or damaged discs when the time arises. That being said, with my battle rifle concept, this is not a problem with me. I spent enough money on Vortex to make it a viable option for serious game play. For me, the advantages Vortex provides over other Elite blasters makes it a winner in my book.

Let's move on to my magazine loadout. I recently commented in the General Advice thread about how I made my high capacity clips for Vortex; I use Vortex firefly clips as my main category of clip. Each clip holds 17 rounds, which holds up against Elite 18-round clips comparatively (except in time invested). For my ammo needs, four or five of these extended clips has been more than enough for the HvZ games I play in (20 people for mini games; 50-60 for main game). With the setup I have, I can easily get to my ammo. I also carry loose ammo in the Vortex pouches on my right side. Not pictured in this post or in my signature, I also recently made a magazine connector from the ammo holders from the Vortex ammo belt; this allows me to have a jungle clip for Vortex clips that also gives me the advantage of replacing the empty clip with a fresh one without having to use another jungle clip. I will post pictures of this later.

Moving onward, I will take a moment to talk about my Halo mounting system for my Praxis. Just to make this clear, this piece of equipment has more aesthetic value to me than practical worth; I love halo, so having this particular piece of gear just makes the game more happy. To make this mod work, I use a Magnet-O Grip holder that is designed to hold heavy, metal tape measures. I epoxied the magnetic side to my blaster, and I clipped the metal portion to my suspenders. As you can see in the attached pictures, this setup allows me to carry my Praxis Spartan-style. As for practical battlefield use, it does allow me to holster my blaster and free my hands when I'm doing administrative work (ex. picking up darts, eating at the dining hall, standing around, picking my nose, etc.).  This system is better than a sling in that it's less mess, it doesn't interfere with the other functions on my LBE, and let's be honest; it's just cool. Something to remember is that this setup doesn't fair well when I'm running or performing complex maneuvers on the ground. The blaster sometimes falls off the clip. This is alright considering the fact that I do employ the battle rifle concept to my loadout.

Finally, I need to touch on the other components of my system. I wear tactical gloves whenever I play HvZ. Besides serving aesthetic reasons, the gloves provide me a consistent grip on my blasters, and it protects my hands from impacts, weather-related threats, etc. I wear a shemagh mainly for cool points, but in the wintertime it can actually serve to keep me warm (in warmer weather, to wipe sweat from brow). On top of my Praxis, I do use a red dot sight I bought from dormlabs.com. It's pretty useful for lining up more accurate shots at zombies, but it too serves to make my loadout ever more tacticool.

Well, that's it. If anyone has questions about my setup, please comment or shoot me an email. 

 on: April 20, 2014, 03:28:19 pm 
Started by CountryCuz2011 - Last post by MoHAlixPr
Oh boy, you're gonna make me cry with this.

Clothing - Bought specifically for HvZ, so I think it counts
Woodland BDU shirt - $40
Woodland BDU pants - $20
Woodland BDU Boonie hat - $10
Oakley SI boots - $200
Oakley SI gloves - $30

Tactical Gear - Not individually itemized because I bought it as a package
2 Drop Legs
Strongarm Holster
Dump Pouch
2 Piece Tactical Vest
3x2 Magazine Pouches
Stryfe Holster
Roughcut Holster
Blowgun Holster
Flashlight Pouch
Radio Pouch
Single Point Sling
Total: $250

Radio - $20
Radio Earpiece - $30
Flashlight - $5
Silver GoPro HERO 3- $300
(Now broken) GoPro Nerf Rail Mount - $15

Rapidstrike - $40
Stryfe - $20
Strongarm - $10
Socks - $10
6x18 magazines - $60
Rapidstrike Battery, Charger & Misc Modding Materials - $50
Stryfe Battery - $20

Total: $1140

This is a painful realization for me. That's not even counting my other blasters\rigs that have since been retired. Ouch.

This sounds monstrous.  I'd love to see it.

 on: April 20, 2014, 12:51:24 pm 
Started by impact36inc - Last post by Sixth Kira
Yeah, down here in Melbourne, gun tags were banned until we saw people using Longstrikes to block off and even strike zombies to keep them away; since then, any part of your body is deemed a valid tag (even my longcoat Cry ).

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