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 on: April 15, 2014, 08:44:54 am 
Started by Catastrophe - Last post by Sklover
It is probably a caching error on in our code rather than a bug on your game. I would disregard until we have a second to look at it.

 on: April 14, 2014, 10:06:47 pm 
Started by TheSilverhead - Last post by CountryCuz2011
I've heard of people using reactor springs to make extended vortex mags. Anyone have a good guide or pointers for doing this?

This might not exactly answer your question, but I think the method I use is the easiest way to make extended clips. If you have the money, buy vortex firefly magazines, like the ones you get when buying the Lumintron; I recently scored five from walmart on clearance for about $6, so do some shopping around first beforehand.

Essentially, the mod requires you to disassemble the magazine, remove the battery tray, remove the circuit board/related wiring (just use a set of pliers to tear it from the magazine shell/black base plate), cut/sand down the rails that held the battery tray in place (I personally used a set of pliers/a file to do this job, but a dremel can make your life easier), cut/sand down the lumps off the ammo follower, trim the spring base down as much as possible, stretch the spring, and hotglue the spring to the black magazine base plate.

It might sound like a lot of steps, but if you have already modded vortex clips before these steps are rather simple and easy to follow; if you have never modded a vortex clip before, just watch a youtube video that explains the basic guts of the clip, and this mod will become easy enough to do. I recommend this video in particular to give you the basics: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1V6I4CIS40.

The advantage with this mod is that you don't need a lot of equipment to make this work; you just need the magazine, a hotglue gun, a set of pliers/file or preferably a dremel. The mod itself takes me forty minutes to complete; it took me a little over an hour when I first tried it (bear in mind, this is with a set of pliers/file). Another advantage is that, in my opinion, an extended Vortex firefly clip looks more aesthetically pleasing than an extend Vortex clip with CPVC epoxied to it. In terms of field use, the magazines are fairly reliable assuming you don't over/under stretch the spring and if you properly sanded the inside of the shell; failing to do either can lead to feeding issues and the ammo follower binding up in the inside of the magazine (it catches on an under-sanded lump of plastic; a hard smack can alleviate this in the field, but proper modding can prevent this from occurring in the first place).

Now, this mod allows you to create a 17 round Vortex clip; if you're looking for anything larger, than you might have some more work ahead of you  with Bobololo's suggestion. I personally tried what the video I attached did, but hands down modding the firefly clip is just easier.  I'm simply offering this suggestion as another way to make good extended Vortex clips on the cheap.

Post Merge: April 14, 2014, 10:09:08 pm
*$6 dollars a piece, mind you.

 on: April 14, 2014, 09:28:37 pm 
Started by cruff - Last post by gnomeofdoom
Gnome of Doom, where do you work now?!  I'm super happy for you (and a bit jealous).

I'll be working at Binghamton University in NY

 on: April 14, 2014, 09:04:03 pm 
Started by impact36inc - Last post by Argurotox
We run our games allowing blaster and backpack tags. In fact, anything you're carrying, ranging from an umbrella to a satchel to a giant hat, is a valid tag target. We introduced this not because of any elaborate concerns about the gameplay effect, but simply because we have a player whose religion forbids them from deliberately touching males or being touched by them, but still wants to play HvZ.

However, given the choice, I'd probably outlaw them, for several reasons, most outlined above. The obvious risk of property damage or hand damage for one, the issue with barrels around corners for another, but in my experience "blaster tags" cause the greatest amount of disputes, because humans aren't able to feel the tags, and the zombie focus on the blaster means they don't feel or see the dart emerging from it, or feel that it emerged after they scored the tag. It also seems to encourage dangerous tags, because of the nature of a blaster-in-hand - it's a small target, moving quickly, and often at the edge of lunging range, leading to dangerous lunges with people trying to tag too quickly before they're stunned, not to mention what happens when they swing and miss!

 on: April 14, 2014, 03:32:54 pm 
Started by TheSilverhead - Last post by Pompadour64
Gracias, amigos. Much obliged

 on: April 14, 2014, 02:59:26 pm 
Started by Catastrophe - Last post by Catastrophe
Our game started this week. One of our zombies has gotten 3 tags, but on the main statistics page, it lists them as having 5 tags. The only thing I can think of is two of the tags that got submitted counted twice for that player. Is it possible to retroactively change this number?

 on: April 14, 2014, 02:49:05 pm 
Started by impact36inc - Last post by Catastrophe
It really comes down to what you think is best as far as rules go. We've run our game for 5 semesters now and have allowed blaster tags the entire time. I can't think of many situations (if any at all) where someone who got a tag via blaster wouldn't have gotten their arm or something else.

 on: April 14, 2014, 12:35:03 pm 
Started by impact36inc - Last post by torukmakto4
In all of the games I have played, gun tags are prohibited, along with other "extensions of the body" like backpacks. You can tag the latter, but unless the tag would have hit flesh in the item's absence, it does not count as a kill. As a player I am satisfied with this policy and fellow players and mods seem to agree.

In support of absolutely no gun tags of any kind, I will note:

* Inanimate objects are NOT extensions of the human body. A zombie bite to a weapon does not infect the wielder, obviously; so the simulation value of this mechanic is questionable.

* The "Well, in 'real life' the zombie grabbed you by the gun or the backpack and then you are surely going to die" explanation assumes that zombies have significantly superhuman strength, the item cannot be dropped, another weapon cannot be used on the zed, squadmates can't shoot the zed, and the human generally can never escape once seized by a zombie. How much Z fiction do you see in which that is true? Once again, the simulation value is questionable.

* Unnatural issues with weapons handling: It is natural for humans wielding a gun of any kind to keep the muzzle in front of them and on point when going around corners and cover, with the expectation that poking their barrel around some cover does not expose themselves to death or injury. With "extension" mechanics this becomes a gotcha situation. It is just yet another need for adaptation, but IMO, not an adaptation that benefits the game or makes it more fun or a better fake zombie apocalypse.

* Physical contact of enemy player with gear increases the risk of injury and property damage. This applies to both tags and "deflections". I put a lot into my equipment, I do not want zeds intentionally slamming into it, and I don't want my wrists getting messed up as has happened to many players.  Nor do I want my currently-undead friends getting hurt by the edges of accessory rails and front sights. It is safest when zeds don't even think about the gun as an objective when making a tag, but rather the actual human.

 on: April 14, 2014, 11:52:26 am 
Started by impact36inc - Last post by impact36inc
Myself and another of the head moderators of our game have had a couple disputes as to calling tags made on blasters, i.e. a zombie tags the blaster the human is carrying, so is the human considered tagged?
My call has always been "yes", because I consider a blaster to be an extension of one's arms/torso. She does not consider that a tag because it is not an actual part of your body.
We are trying to clear this up so we can have a definite ruling for our players.
How do your games rule this?
Head Moderator
Johnson State College
Johnson, VT

 on: April 13, 2014, 09:33:20 pm 
Started by cruff - Last post by Jesse Abram
Gnome of Doom, where do you work now?!  I'm super happy for you (and a bit jealous).

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