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Author Topic: Advertising  (Read 4324 times)
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« on: July 16, 2008, 05:03:33 PM »

So, Northern Illinois University, due to a variety of circumstances, has been falling down a bit in players.  As the recently instated President of our school's game, it's my main goal to fix that and gather more players.  I've had a few ideas but what I'm expecting to do is a viral marketing campaign strategy.

For those who don't know, viral marketing is defined as "a marketing phenomenon that facilitates and encourages people to pass along a marketing message".  Our message would be to check out HvZ at NIU and we would advertise a variety of ways.  I'm sharing this so as to hopefully get more ideas and for those whose schools have a smaller player base at the moment, some of them might be good ideas for you to institute at your school this coming fall semester.

1.)  Post quarantine posters overnight.  We have a poster base that we are planning on using.  http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a311/RayneKasper/LookoutSign.jpg  This would only serve as a guide and our final poster wouldn't look like this at all, but keeping with the idea of a quarantine poster.  (We would inform the university, university police and our Student Association of the intent of the posters so they don't have to deal with many frantic calls and not know what is going on.)  This would stir up talk and it also keeps offensive material to a minimum once the "guns" are replaced with "NERFguns" and the like.

2.)  Hold a small Zombie March.  Chicagoland recently was invaded by the undead during a Zombie March last month and due to the unexpected nature of a Zombie March, I figure it would be a good advertising campaign strategy.  Stirs up more talk and gets people to spread the message.

3.)  Have individuals dress as zombies and hold up signs.  Slightly less 'drastic' but still captures people's attention a lot.  Since they'd have blood on them, the signs would be necessary to keep people from thinking a school disaster happened here again.

All of these would have to be discussed with the university, but I see little to no harm in any of them.  So long as the school is informed, I figure it will be okay.

Does anyone have any other types of advertising techniques they wouldn't mind sharing?

-Caitlin Yimet
President of NIU Humans v Zombies

NIU Humans vs Zombies
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