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Author Topic: Player ban  (Read 4170 times)
William Kronk

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« on: June 12, 2013, 12:47:57 AM »

Okay, So I have been in love with this game since I found out about it some 6 years ago or something before it became big. One day in school I overhead someone from another school district saying something about some crap going down during HvZ. So a rumor that I overheard, it got back to my local game moderator by multiple sources saying that I started a rumor that some people were going to bring real guns to our game and shoot people. How? I have no clue, but due to people saying that I said this, I have been permanently banned from the game and find it outrageous, I love this game and just want to have fun with my old friends etc. Yet I am forced to sit back because someone got friends of theirs to lie about what I said to my game moderator.

I did not know that I was banned or that this had serious repercussions until two whole years had passed and I tried to join another game (about 3 days ago). All I received was a mail over our local network saying I was banned but not why, which I then asked for what reasons. 3 days passed and the final mission came up and I went to it for 2 reason, 1 being that he refused to answer me as to why I was banned, which I was completely unsure of why and wanted to find my moderator and ask him in person. And 2 being that I saw no reason for me to be banned from the game and saw it unjust that I was forced out without so much as an answer to why.

The guy treated me poorly, trying to ignore me face to face and not answer the question.

I simply want to play a game that I have more than enjoyed in the past but am not allowed to because rumor got around that I said that people would bring real guns to a game and harm people, which I will defend with everything I have that I did not say.

Two years ago this was just a passing thing to me, I told my sister what I heard and things went out of hand from there. My sister had decided I should bring it to the moderator myself and I did (shown below) just telling him what I heard and at 15-16 years old trying to be mature and figure out what was going on.

Any advice or such would be greatly appreciated.

What our conversation over out local HvZ site. (refusing to answer me until I went to a game to confront him face to face).

"Moderator: You have been permanently banned due to incidents that have occurred during a previous game.
Me: Woah woah woah what?
Me: May I be allowed an explanation as to why? I am quite clueless here."

Our conversation two years ago over facebook, which I can provide screenshots of.

Conversation started June 8, 2011

I would just like to say this, as I have been told to several times, I heard something at school
 a while ago that there might be shit going on with gateway wanting to fight some plum kids,
 there was talk about them fighting plum, and hvz, i was not talking to them,
 just overheard parts of the conversation, I do not claim that this is a confirmed action
 that their will be a fight, nor did I start this, I do not want to get called to the
police station as I am not spreading this nor am i trying to cause problems.
June 9, 2011

If there is no other people that can confirm hearing this then I assume what I overheard was a
bunch of bullshit that they were saying. I have not spread this, only told one or two people close to me.
I love the game and would have no reason to try to have it canceled for any reason.
My suggestion is to talk to some people from Gateway to see if they heard anything similar,
if none say yes then I see no reason to cancel the game or have any caution during it for these reasons.

�&I have no intention on canceling the game,
because I'm not going to be intimidated by threats.
At the same time, you can't go running around making serious accusations
like this and expect nothing to happen. This isn't a joke.
June 9, 2011

i dont wish to see this game cancelled and im not running around saying shit,
i told 2 maybe 3 people that i overheard this,
i never said that it WOULD happen, nor am i threatening anything myself.
I am not making accusations, i simply told a couple people what i overheard

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« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2013, 02:31:08 AM »

So why are you here? It looks like you're just trying to escalate your situation to a "higher power". We don't know your situation or have the context necessary to figure out what's going on, nor can we comment on the moderatorship of your game- this is something you need to resolve with them. Bringing it to this forum isn't the right path for you. And it definitely does not bode well for the drama that appears to be an integral part of your problem.

Speak to your moderator team reasonably. It appears that this has already become a part of your game's situation if the moderators treat it as a confirmed incident to confirm a continued ban over- two years is a long time in this. We really can't help you here. Of course, if someone here thinks that they can help, that's up to them- but really, drama is the poison of HVZ. Approach this reasonably, keep a level head, and hopefully everything will turn out alright.

Lindenwood University - St. Charles MO
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William Kronk

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« Reply #2 on: June 12, 2013, 03:30:47 PM »

Like I have said I was unaware of the ban until a few days ago. Between the time this incident happened and now I have been able to play within this community's games without any problems whatsoever. I was mature with my talks with him as he is the one moderating the game, from 2 years ago when I sent him the messages over facebook, and still now. But he outright ignores me and won't think twice over what happened. It feels to me like talking to a brick wall.

I'm not looking for an overriding source here, just put my side of the story out there, and am looking for advice as to what to do to help resolve this, as there is no proof either way.
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