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Author Topic: Mini Day of Mini Games at The Former Nike Missile Base  (Read 2104 times)
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« on: August 25, 2014, 11:33:37 AM »

----------     ----------     ----------     ----------     The Game has been cancelled     ----------     ----------     ----------     ----------
                                                                              Due to lack of Participation

Good Day or Night,

          The Basics;
                    Times-August 30th-10:00 am to 3:00 (raindate is September 13th same time same place) (Nuclear and or Zombie apocalypse... same time same place.)
                    Location- Lower Nike Park(Former Nike Missile Base Located in Warrington Pennsylvania) 301 Folly Road(Next to Igoe Porter Wellings Park) It will have a sign saying John Paul Park it and Lower Nike Park are the same if we get kicked out and or if the park is to busy then I have a other area that we can play in.

                    Games- FFA, CTF, Tag, HvZ and associated minigames, Ninja, and anything else anyone wants to do.

                    - Please Refer to the Nerf or like weapons not as "guns" but as "Blasters" please!!!!
                    - Don't be an idiot
                    - Listen to the mods/admins
                    - Do not harass and or tag/stun/shoot Non-Players; if and when you are seen repeatedly doing this you will be kicked from the game.
                    - Remain within the play area.

                    - Shields are not allowed human or otherwise except for specific games.

                    - A tag is a firm two hand touch on a person and to reiterate, a tag on a blaster renders the blaster obsolete for the next 10 minutes.

                    -  Modded Blasters are allowed but must not raise a lasting welt or bruise from five feet away ALL BLASTERS MUST AND WILL HAVE ORANGE TIPS!!! IF YOU SHOW UP WITH A BLASTER WITHOUT AN ORANGE TIP YOU WILL BE ASKED TO EITHER NOT USE THE BLASTER OR THE MODS/ADMIN(S) WILL PUT ORANGE TAPE ON IT!!  Grin We will enjoy that very much Wink

                    - If circumstances arise where we will have to leave the play area in a general exodus, play will be resumed when the issue is resolved but if said issue or issues cannot be resolved, then the play will be moved to a smaller area.

                    -Drinks will be provided(Water) But still bring your own drinks, as will lunch, seeing as we cannot afford some sort of gourmet five star chef for the day, would ya'll settle for pizza? Yes, good, in that case if the sacri participants would kindly bring money to help pay for the pizzas that would be much appreciated.

                    - Protection would be advised, you don't have to, but it would probably be good. Manly eye protection.

                    - Recording devices are encouraged.

                    - Blowguns are allowed however, "with great power comes great responsibility"(Voltaire) in other words if someone if standing or sitting 20 feet from you don't just shoot a laser at them I mean they do leave marks...  also as the game(s) are played in a public place no masks or items that would otherwise obscure the face are allowed.

                    - If you are going to be able to participate please leave a comment down below.

                    - Tagging and or shooting blasters renders them obsolete.

                    - Socks are allowed just pick them up after you are done that goes for darts too. Marshmallows are not allowed, sorry. Animals and such.

                    - Blaster trades and such, obviously occur here.

                    - Melee weapons are allowed just be responsible with them.

                    - Please bring something preferably a bandanna or some crazy outfit/hat to identify yourself(s) so that in team games we know who's who.

                    - To have more direct contact ya'll can contact me at [email protected]
                    -(copy of waiver) By showing up at this event I _______, withhold the organizers/mods/admins/country/county/park/families from any and all actions that may result in my bodily harm.

                    - After Notes-

                    - I am going to be honest... this is the first game I am hosting and as such I would humbly beseech those of you who are experienced Moderators/Game Organizers to; if you can or want, help me organize this game. If you do respond please show up at the play area at 9:00 AM EST or message me or leave a comment.

          Thank you all for your support.
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« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2014, 12:40:44 PM »

Minor note- I assume you're talking about the Warrington, Pennsylvania Lower Nike Park. Seeing as these forums are global, try to include location details in your event posts.

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« Reply #2 on: August 25, 2014, 03:21:08 PM »

Thank you.
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