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Author Topic: HvZ, ripped open, gutted, and pumped on steroids!  (Read 2675 times)
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« on: September 02, 2014, 09:09:18 AM »

Not sure if this is in the right place, let me know if it's not.
Anyway, Me and my sister, who put together our local game of HvZ, have come up with what I think is a pretty unique way of playing. I will post the whole rule set here, and link you to my document where I Have it all written down. I am also looking for feedback, do you like it? dislike it? what would you change for different amounts of people, skill levels, etc.? Thanks for checking in. can't wait to see the responses.


Standard Zombies Vs. Humans rules

Humans shoot zombies, stun time: any darts, 20 second timer

Excepting alpha zombie- 3 darts 20 seconds

zombies tag humans, disputes game master ultimate judge

trade offs- zombie always wins

Human On tag- must drop weapons and lay on ground for 30 seconds, at which point human reverts to zombie. EXCEPTIONS healed by medic, see medic


Split into two teams, teams are allowed to battle each other, but not kill. on dart hitting human, that humans must stay in the place they were shot for 7 seconds. that human may not shoot, must stay stunned. NOTE; human allies may guard downed team members.


each team possess one medic, designated by iron man mask. the medic may heal half zombied humans. I.E. Human is tagged by zombie, that human goes down for his 30 seconds. the medic may heal that human by tagging him, therefore rendering him “healed” and he may continue as a human. NOTE; does not mean you get extra time to collect your dropped weapons. It does not matter whether the humans is on your team or not, any medic can heal any human. When a medic is zombiefied, he becomes a zombie medic, this mean when a zombie is shot, the zombie medic may tag that zombie, therefore cancelling his stun time. NOTE; zombie medic still can be stunned, and his stun time is 30 seconds.


Each team has a base. The base is a safe point for that team from the other team. Zombies may enter either base at any time, However, When a zombie is shot inside a base, he must exit the base before his stun timer can start.  The base only protects you from the opposing team.

Weapons drop.

Each person is only allowed the equivalent of a 18 dart clip. this may include two guns, but only allowed 18 darts. There will be random weapons drops for the humans, designated by whistle blow. NOTE the zombies may not touch or steal a weapons drop that is in its original location.

either team may take from the drop, either fight for or share. drops may be taken back to base for hoarding.


Either team can horde weapons and ammo at their base. the weapons at the base may not be touched by either the other team or the zombies. these are for that team’s use. Anything (thats not a original weapons drop) that is outside either base limits is free game for either team, or zombies. Zombies may collect ammo and weapons, but they must horde them in a easily saw and assessed place.

The last team with people still surviving the apocalypse wins.

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« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2014, 06:19:17 PM »

First thing's first, this is for small groups? Correct? If this was any larger than about 20 people I feel as though it would be pretty weird/unbalenced. The 18 dart rule feels weird too. Who will supply the extra clips and darts? I hate it when people use my items without me knowing for fear of them getting damadged. The small game size will probabbly make this no problem. The wistle being blown for the supply drops feels weird too. At such a small game, nobody wants to play moderator.

I feel like you should have the two teams start at opposite ends and have the drop in the middle (or other strange out of the way place). This means that everyone can play and saves the moderator the hassle of hauling around a bunch of gear.

The medic is interesting, but requires playtesting. I feel like it will deprive zombies of hard-won kills. This could be balanced by giving him a set number of cures, say half the size of the group, (6 people, 3 cures). The mobile respawn point idea for when he is zombified? Great idea. Nothing spells fear and doom more like zombies respawing faster than you're used to.

Edit: Made it less of a wall of text.
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« Reply #2 on: September 03, 2014, 09:14:29 PM »

Okay lol, deal with on thing ata time. First off, I have play tested it, with a small crowd (about 20) and it worked great. I feel like this would work almost better with a large crowd, however, just as long as everyone is willing to share clips, guns, etc. (marked to make who's is whose of course) . If you dont want a gun to be used, dont bring it sorta deal. With this tho, its not so much about the clips and how much ammo.
We had one guy bring a hailfire, and he used it well, but it was part of the strategy. Did we let him use a ton of clips and be a tank? Or spread out the ammo between the team? Thats why we have the ammo limit in the first place. It requires you to think about it. If your familiar with the walking dead, this is much alike season 3, where its two warring teams, but the zombies are still a large factor to keep in mind. So is ammunition. They did ammo runs quite often that season, and that leads us into ordinance.
The idea behind ordinance is, if left to their own devices, we as seasoned hvzers know that it will turn itself into a siege scenario. Thats why we have missions and objectives, to pull ppl out. Thats the idea here. The team can stay in their vase as much as they want, but with the zombies able to rush them, they will eventually run out, and be defenseless. Its something to fight over, and it encourages strategy.
The medics have been game tested, and was one of my favorite additions to the game. Ik it prolly seems like overkill humans, the zombies work hard for their tags, your right! But our zombies are not stupid. We had three zombies protecting the "body", and that's how they got a pot of their conversions early on. And the medics were main targets, not only by zombies, but by the enemy team. The concept seems overkill, but its really not as effective as one might think.
The zombie medics were devastating. They weren't so overkill that it made the zombies automatically win, but it added a huge edge to the zombies that threw the humans off to begin with especially. They learned quickly that zombie meatshields(basically medic keeps tagging the main zombie while ducking beneath) were extremely effective, and equally the humans learned to flank them on the sides.
The main idea behind this game is to add a few limitations, to encourage strategy, rather than sending them in with as much shit as they can hold, hoping to be the last man standing. This just adds a more realistic sorta apocalypse feel. Does that clear up some of that?

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