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Author Topic: North Dakota HvZ BakkenCon  (Read 1924 times)

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« on: February 17, 2015, 03:27:00 PM »

(some of the overview is redundant but this all the information we have at the moment)
September 18 & 19
Times not set yet

Grand Williston Hotel
3601 2nd Avenue West
Williston, ND 58801


-HvZ is a game that pits a team of human players against a opposition of zombie players. The humans are required to go on missions. These missions are to keep the pace of the game mobile and create opportunities for the zombie to score tags. If a human is tagged by a zombie they are considered out and then can go stash their gear so then can join the zombie horde. If a zombie is struck with a projectile (nerf dart, balled up sock, or other approved items) they are stunned. A stunned zombie has to count out loud to 15 and cannot move towards humans or make tags. Zombie can flee after being stunned to gain cover or regroup.

-All the players will start out on side "Human". We will need a few volunteers or moderators to be on side "Zombie" for the start until the side has gotten large enough.

Approved weapons are as follows:

Nerf/Toy Blasters that shoot foam projectiles. These can be darts/balls/discs/ect
All items must look like toys and have orange safety tips!
Slightly modded guns are allowed, all modifications must be shown or explained to the moderators (this includes repaints). There is no rule of thumb but basic mods are mostly ok, spring swaps, air restrictors, electronic locks. Any blasters that reduce dart size will most likely be banned.

Balled up socks/foam noodle gernades/if you have a replacement you can get it checked with the moderators to see if you can use it.

Non-approved weapons are as follows:
While some of these are perfectly safe there are to many variables to check when it comes to this. Please stay with stock darts that come with your blasters.

Melee weapons, the only physical contact allowed in this is two handed tags by the zombie. No bats, swords, or anything. Even foam or boffer weapons. Just don't!

Safe areas will be designated by the moderators during the game. In addition if there is ever a physical injury or emergency play will be stop until the situation is handled.

Safe areas are designated by two types:

Sanctuary - Sanctuary is a location that there is no game going on and cannot be played at. Examples are the vender room and bathrooms. If you use Sanctuary rooms to escape being tagged by zombies you are immediately out. Sanctuary is intended to protect the safety and privacy of non participants.

Refuge - Refuge is a location that zombies cannot enter for game purposes, this allows humans to fall back in being overrun. Zombies can hang around the outside of such locations and camp them. Refuge locations can change throughout the game. No place is safe forever!

How do I tell zombies apart from humans?!
A human player is going to wear a bandana around one of their arms or wrists. A zombie is going to wear their bandana around their head. Easy! Players cannot hide these items they must be displayed as best as the can. Brighter the colors the better.

Dart Blaster!
Eye Protection
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