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Author Topic: So please tell me my faults in my loadout  (Read 2872 times)

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« on: June 09, 2015, 04:45:21 PM »

I am new to HvZ, and while I have currently not had time to join in an event, I have devised a pretty decent (in my opinion) loadout. I will be ordering almost everything in this list as I have all of them but I have used them so much just from messing around they now longer fire as well as they should.

Pre-warning, my H key is hard to press currently, sorry for any missing Hs

Anyway, where is my list

A retaliator. I simply love this gun, as it has decent range and RoF, while maintaining a comfortable grip.

Strongarm, but I will also most likely get a elite jolt as a last resort. Strongarm is obviously just a upgraded maverick, and it shoots like a dream. Jolt is light and has good distance for its tiny size.

Clips (yes I know they are technically magazines):
35 dart raider clip and 2 18 dart clips

Cargo shorts so I can Have the 18 round clips at easy use, as well as to have the belt loops for things such as a buzzbee tech 3, which while it sucks, its small and there is no point in not having it.\
Soccer bag (drawstring bag) To store spent mags and a box of extra darts (preferable enough to have a second load for everything (71 for mags, 6 for strongarm, 3 for tech 3, and 1 for jolt, with roughly 20 extra)
Something to hold the strongarm on, will be my nerf bandilier if I can find it, as well as room for a few 6 dart mags.
Flashlight with belt clip and/or headband flashlight
My shorts also have a place specifically made for water bottles, so I will ahve a 1 liter on me so I don't get dehydrated

I know I am running pretty heavy, but I am decent at running in short bursts with heavy gear on.

Hopefully it doesn't suck.

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« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2015, 10:51:42 AM »

It's pretty hard to go wrong with a load out and really hard to critique someone on theirs. You really just want to gear for your playstyle. For example I like moving fast but being able to put out heat if I need to. So I carry a primary and clips in storage devices with the smallest back up I can find (usually just socks).

Maybe try getting something to carry the clips in.
Torukmakuto4 turned me onto these and it works for Nerf 18rd clips and BOOMco 40rd clips.

I would also lose the tech 3. The strongarm is your backup and the jolt is your hold out. There doesn't really need to be anything after that. I think this is more my personal taste. The more blasters I carry the more I have to think about and I don't want that to bog me down. "Is this blaster loaded, is this clip topped off, is that blaster loaded, etc, etc."
« Last Edit: June 15, 2015, 09:46:34 AM by Zombona » Logged

I do so love my OJ Stryfe.

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« Reply #2 on: June 10, 2015, 12:39:05 PM »

The reason that I use the tek 3 is because of the fact that its my best option if I get attacked from a close range while digging around my bag. If im bent over looking for a mag or dart, I can grab, prime, and fire in a second with one hand. It comes in handy in the occasional friendlies I hold at my house with my friends, so I assume it could be useful.

Im going for more of a survival loadout, but not the douche bag survivor who doesnt play the objective as well. As I don't have either the strong arm or retaliator yet, I have been running around with my raider and maverick, as they are basically identical with the retaliator and strongarm. I agree it is hard to judge, but I was looking for some general tips.

Thanks for the advice, I personally will keep it on as it weighs less than a pound and doesnt hinder movement at all.

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« Reply #3 on: June 15, 2015, 12:58:51 AM »

Coming from a person who carries about 9 blasters on him at his local college HVZ I can give you some advice on heavy load outs. 

The first piece of advice is if it does not serve a purpose do not use it.  In my loadout I use a nerf bandoleer to carry my Alpha Trooper.  On it I have a sling stike.  Most people would say why bother having that because I carry two strong arms, a jolt, and a double strike.  The reason is I have the clip to put it on, so why not and its fun to shoot. As long as you train in your gear you will be fine.  I do not know how big the games you will be playing are, but I would also recommend ditching the 35 drum and just using all 18 mags.  I use a Duct tape holder made out of just paper and duct tape and it holds four very well and has not broken.  that way you can carry more darts and do not have to deal with a bulky drum.  Flywheel blasters are also superior to spring blasters in every way.  It is very sad for m to admit that but it is true.  you may want to replace the retaliator with a stryfe with a raider stock.  The only mods it really needs is lock removal.  Even without mods it is still really nice.  I think its cool that you have the tek3 but the nerf elite triad would probably be a better blaster instead of it.

Hope this helped.  Sorry that I kinda picked apart all of it.  Do what you want I have just found that with a heavy loadout with alot of blasters that all of them need a purpose and if there is a blaster that is better then what u have and done the same thing use the better version.

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« Reply #4 on: June 29, 2015, 02:05:03 PM »

Thanks for the info and sorry about the late reply.

I would agree with the stryfe, but I already have one, and it tends to not shoot the last 5 darts in any mag. Not sure why  this is, as to even get the rest of the darts besides the first one or two I need to push up on the mag. It may be broken, but it has been this way since I opened it, so I am very hesitant to get a new one. I will try your idea about the 18 dart mag holders, and will try them out.

Sadly there are almost no HvZ game within my area as many colleges in my area do not host them. This is because of an incident where during a recent(ish) game a professor thought a painted blaster was a real gun and tased the kid. I will have to go to a 1day game as I do not wish to spend money on a hotel as I will have to go out of state Tongue

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« Reply #5 on: June 30, 2015, 06:59:38 AM »

I would agree with the stryfe, but I already have one, and it tends to not shoot the last 5 darts in any mag. Not sure why  this is, as to even get the rest of the darts besides the first one or two I need to push up on the mag. It may be broken, but it has been this way since I opened it, so I am very hesitant to get a new one.

This sounds like you have not done anything to the Stryfe. There is a little 'dart checker' that needs to be removed. I really can't emphasise how much that little piece needs to be removed. If the darts are not firm enough and the spring in the mag is not strong enough it won't press it up allowing you to pull the trigger at will.


I'll even help you get started with the google search. It is one little orange plastic piece and a small spring.

I do so love my OJ Stryfe.
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