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Author Topic: Nerkita project - Rayven/Makita 9.6v Cordless Drill Integration  (Read 1319 times)

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« on: September 10, 2015, 03:19:21 AM »

Hi team, random electrical question...

Heading towards a gentle power-up rebuild of my Nerkita Rayven. Currently just stock motors with rewire and integrated Makita 9.6v 1.6Ah NiCad cordless-drill battery using the original drill's connectors. Looking at better wiring, connectors and switch-gear and maybe Barricade motors. Very keen to keep the cordless-drill look (hilarious), feel (great balance) and function (slapping in a new battery just feels right!), so deciding whether to gut the inside of an original Makita battery-pack and install a Lipo+voltage-monitor there or just keep the whole thing pretty much as-is for fun and get a new aftermarket "orignal" NiCad battery for a bit more "oomph", but then do a wholly separate brand-new build for a better-performing Rayven (bit of a bullpup fan...). The major draw-back for the NiCad's is the weight - almost 450gm!

So, 1st question then before I go all out and join the Lipo Dark Side is how much "C" (Amp discharge) can you expect out of a new or professionally repacked 9.6v NiCad of this sort? The only figure I've come up with in 3 months of searching has been a vague "10C" for "industrial" NiCad's in general, and no idea of peak discharge ability...

It currently rev's up and shoots reasonably (in fact, painfully...) well, but I've no real reference to test it against so far. I've got a few spare tired battery cases which I know will fit a small Lipo, but given I'll have to bust and rebuild a one to do it I'd want to be sure whatever I can pack in there instead is going to be worth it.

Remember, this is more for fun and not really to lay waste to the horde...

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[Edit] couple more more pix added

* Nerkita - 72.jpg (176.28 KB, 750x500 - viewed 508 times.)

* Nerkita - 35.jpg (191.23 KB, 750x500 - viewed 328 times.)

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