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Author Topic: UMBC Invitational!!!  (Read 9890 times)
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« Reply #15 on: December 20, 2010, 10:06:56 AM »

We are also right next to BWI airport. cab fare is cheaper then gas.

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« Reply #16 on: January 08, 2011, 02:32:36 AM »

why cant their be any Florida/Georgia region HvZ invitationals -____-

University of Georgia is working on one.  Last post off topic.

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« Reply #17 on: January 09, 2011, 01:20:31 AM »

Dang it! Why are these things so far away? Fix this now, PLZ!

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« Reply #18 on: January 29, 2011, 01:42:45 PM »

Erik Norris, PSU contact.

So far at least 6 it seems. ;[  It may not be a super massive amount as it's the end of our spring break.  May get like, 12?
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« Reply #19 on: February 13, 2011, 03:57:08 AM »

To whom it may concern,

Updates on the Invitational will likely be found here.

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« Reply #20 on: February 13, 2011, 04:08:10 AM »

As much as I would love to do this with people, a full day of driving (nearly 23 hours) is pretty out of the way.  We need to have one closer to the upper Midwest!

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« Reply #21 on: March 12, 2011, 09:12:00 PM »

That was super cool guys, thanks to everyone who came out.

As a treat, and for those who couldn't make it, here's the original draft of the script and mission outlines:

Invitational Proposal v2


Head Investigator: “Recent construction at the UMBC Campus has uncovered something. . . deadly. A vast network of tunnels was found beneath the school, which prompted further investigation. Unfortunately, everyone who came back from below (and there weren't many) returned changed, ravenous, bloodthirsty—contagious. Clinical tests on captured subjects revealed no sign of infection, or anything else for that matter. Interestingly, these subjects showed abilities of inter-communication never observed in laboratory conditions. It seems they have a hive mind.

Fringe groups on campus are calling it the Great Purging, something about the worldwide destruction of the human ego, a transcendence to a new form of consciousness. For the safety of the students, the tunnel network has been filled and sectioned off from the general public. But that hasn't stopped the transformations. Recently, during a school theatre production, the entire cast became stricken at once. The audience, assuming, at first, it was all part of the act, didn't know what hit them until it was too late.

That's why we've called for help from universities across the country. Right now, we need the most experienced paranormal combatants and investigators in our great nation to get to the bottom of this mystery and find a workable solution.

Since most of those afflicted are tuition-paying students at our university, we've asked that you use only non-lethal force for the entirety of your stay here.”

Pre-Game Set-Up:

Establish Zombie Respawn points at strategic locations around campus. Respawn points are in play the entire game. They should be marked with caution or danger tape.

Mission 1: “Split up and look for clues.”


“We recommend you start your investigation by splitting up and questioning workers at each construction site. We've assigned squads for you based on some very specific attributes that we hope you'll find appropriate (random squads are random).”


Squads are given the location of the construction sites where the worker they need to question is located. There is a worker for each squad. Workers are marked as NPCs with two armbands, one around each arm.

When humans find a worker, the worker assigns them a task to complete in exchange for information. *cough bribe cough*

One worker wants a soda. (Only one person may enter a building to obtain the desired soda.)
One worker wants the shovel he lent returned to him. (Shovel is being held by another worker at a different, nearby construction site; humans are given the location of the site.)
One worker lost his hardhat somewhere in the vicinity. (Hat should be well-hidden.)
One worker forgot his glasses at home and needs the humans to read the two-page documentation his boss gave him, slowly and audibly.
One worker is really bored and wants a newspaper to read. (Only one person may enter a building to obtain a newspaper.)

Upon completion of the tasks, the worker hands the humans a manila envelope which they are to bring back to the Head Investigator and await further instruction. Alternatively, when finished, squads may assist other squads in completing their individual missions.

Mission 2: “Sacrifice”


“It's going to take some time to go over what you've all brought me. In the meantime, we've just gotten some disturbing reports of rituals occurring around campus. Though we can't be sure, the initial tips are hinting at possible human sacrifices. That's where you come in. Quickly, find out where this is happening and what's going on, and stop it if you can. Lives may be at stake here.”


Squads are separated and dispatched again, with no knowledge of the location of the rituals. Scattered around campus are sacrifice victims, bloodied and lying on the ground, marked with one headband and one armband. When a squad finds a victim, the victim will ask to be taken to health services. They insist on walking themselves, even though they will be unable to run or move quickly.

Three of the victims are chosen beforehand to drop to the ground three fourths of the way into the escort, convulse violently, and take on their role as a super-zombie. The moderator with the humans should explain what a super-zombie is as quickly as possible. Kills made by the super-zombie, before the moderator explains that the super-zombie cannot be stunned, do not count.

Super-zombies can only walk, except when there are no humans within line-of-sight. This solves the issue of super-zombie travel across campus. There can only be one super-zombie per horde/group of zombies.

Humans are to meet up with the head moderator/”investigator” upon successful escort of two victims.


Mission 3: “Can ya stick it?”


“Well, things are looking up. These reports you've brought me suggest there might be a way to bring everyone back to full health. Contrary to popular belief, as far as we know, the tunnels they found beneath the school did not contain any tombs, altars, or anything creepy like that. As it were, the instrumentation the investigators returned with showed strange EM readings, the likes of which I've never seen before. It's possible that something down there is emanating these EM fields across campus, and that disruption may be responsible for the sudden change in demeanor we've seen recently.

After all, as you're well aware, the human body, the brain, has an electromagnetic field of its own, and some studies have shown that strong EM fields can have a drastic effect on the psyche.

We've done some tests on the subjects you brought in earlier, both of which turned soon after you brought them in, and for some reason, neither of them seem to be in contact with the rest of the hive mind, or anything else for that matter. As such, they are incredibly resistant to pain, but still a tad dimwitted. Well, that was before we ran an EM pulse similar to the ones found in the tunnels through their bodies. Now they're both like the rest of them, which, thankfully, makes them much easier to control.

We're going to need to do some more testing, but that's where you come in. There are three more of them (super-zombies) out there that we need you to find and subdue. To help you, we'll give each squad two devices that you'll need to stick to their bodies. Once attached, the devices will release an EM burst that should effectively stun the subject and transform him or her into one of the others. Luckily, you'll only need to use one device per subject. And since they're all wirelessly linked to our computers here, we'll receive the data from the event as soon as it happens.

What are you waiting for? Get to it!”


Devices are made of a small paper or cardboard box covered by sticky-sided gorilla tape (not duct tape, I'll provide the tape if you need it) on one side and non-sticky-sided tape on the rest of the box.

Squads are sent out to hunt down the super-zombies. They may work together or split up as they see fit.

Super-humans may not hold or be given a device. Super-humans may not stick a device to a super-zombie unless it was the super-zombie who killed them. In that case, the super-human has a three second window to stick the device to the super-zombie. Either way, the super-human turns at the end of their timer as per normal.

Super-zombies that are stuck become stunned zombies immediately.

After the third super-zombie has been stuck, moderators let all humans know that there's an urgent message from the leader of one of the on-campus fringe groups. He says he knows what's going on and wants to talk to the leaders of each squad immediately. Everyone is to meet outside of the commons, in the corner, at the tables by the common stairs/quad.

Mission 4: “Sanity Check”


“I'm glad you could all make it, and as I said when I called you, I know exactly who started this whole mess. But I have to know your mind is in the right place before I tell you. My trust is not something that is given lightly.

Thankfully, here at UMBC, we have a longstanding tradition, one you might know about. . .

I'm talking about Chess of course, and I feel there's no better way to get to know someone than from the other side of a Chess Board. Since we're short on time, I'm going to set some ground rules. Firstly, we're each limited to two minutes per move. Secondly, all five of you will play on a rotational cycle, which will save us from playing five separate games. Each of you gets three moves before another player takes over. We'll play until you win, or I'm satisfied I can trust you.

Ridiculous? No, what's ridiculous is what I know, and what it means for all of you. So, let's play. . .”


The squad leaders play chess outside the commons with the Fringe Leader while the rest of the humans defend the area until the match is over. If a squad leader dies, another human may take their place.
If the fringe leader beats the five of them before 30-60 minutes (determined at time of mission) are up, they must start a new match. If the five of them win, before the cut-off time, humans have completed the mission early and may continue onward. At the end of the time period (humans are not told how long this period is) the fringe leader says he's seen enough, and tells them what he knows.

Stun and death timers should be weighted toward the longer side for this mission. Around 7-10 minutes, depending on the ratios at that point.

Mission 5: “Vs. The World”


“They're all in on it: the government, the military, the construction company, even the people that called you all here. The tunnels, the rituals, all a ploy to lure each and every single one of you into their trap. We're guinea pigs, my friends, to the first weapon of mass psychological destruction; your enemy can't fight you if they're fighting themselves.

The first bomb, the one that'll turn everyone in this campus into raving lunatics, is already in construction, almost finished. All they were waiting for was one last piece of information, which I think you all just handed them. Those supers you took out? A couple of our engineering guys did that with some old car batteries, a couple catalytic converters, and some tech we nabbed from the incubator. It was our attempt to free our friends from the hive mind; it. . . didn't go so well, as you saw. But we were close, until you guys came in and gave them the information they needed to ensure total hive dependence.

Lucky for all of us, I just got word from a friend that the big one, the bomb, is being stored in the silo by the apartments. Unfortunately, you're going to need a few keys to get in. I've seen most of the construction workers on campus right now carrying what you'll need on their person. Maybe in a different world you could try asking nicely, but I don't think that's an option anymore.

Find every construction worker you can, knock them out with your blaster (by blasting them with your gun blaster), and take their keys. Once you've got all of them, head to the silo and I'll let you know what you have to do to safely defuse the device.”


Humans are to search campus for five construction workers, all of which will have a different key.

Workers are not in a fixed position. They are allowed to move freely around campus, but must leave play once they lose their keys.
Once the humans find the workers, they must chase them, shoot to stun, and then finally take the key. When they have all the keys, they can call the fringe leader on the way to the Silo for instructions on defusing and destroying the zombie-bomb.

Mission 6: “End”

Briefing: “All you have to do is open up the control box using the keys you found and cut the wires inside in this exact order, you should probably write this down: *insert order of color cutting here*

Good luck.”


The control box could be anything from a shoebox or a metal box which can be padlocked shut by dollar store padlocks. Inside are an array of colored wires which the humans must cut (in order) with the cutting tools provided.

Once the humans have finished, the Head Investigator shows up and says,

“What the hell is going on?!

Oh God, do you have any idea what you've done? Alright, don't panic. The bunker behind LH2 is electromagnetically shielded. I'd say you've got about five minutes before this thing goes off and turns us all into mindless drones. You'll make it if you run. I'll stay here and do what I can to fix it. GO! NOW!”

Humans have five minutes to make it to the bunker. Once there, they must defend the bunker until time runs out. Success results in a human victory.

I'll let someone else give a play by play of what actually went down if they want to.
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