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Author Topic: Humans vs. Zombies Licensing Policy  (Read 9239 times)
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« on: October 13, 2010, 01:14:57 PM »

We've been getting a lot of questions from people who want to make products and services that use the name Humans vs. Zombies, so we recently wrote up this licensing policy. It's also posted on our website at: http://humansvszombies.org/license


Thanks for your interest in working with us. What follows is our general licensing policy. We’ve tried to make the language readable by actual human beings. We’ve put a lot of thought and work into making a fair policy, and we hope you will take the time to read it through. If you see something that doesn’t work with you, contact us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to talk with you about it. Our policy is borrowed from Reddit, whom we love.


Humans vs. Zombies is an open project.

We provide our software and our services for free, we release that software open source whenever possible.

We manage over 600 games of Humans vs. Zombies for no pay and no benefits.

One of the few things we have is our brand. If we let that get away, anyone could create any kind of game called Humans vs. Zombies, put our logo on it, and charge for it. Unfortunately, we can’t take a wait-and-see attitude and address knockoffs as they come; the way the law is written in the United States and most other countries, you have to defend your trademark continuously or you lose it.

If we were to look the other way and let people make, say, their own Humans vs. Zombies t-shirts, someone down the road could the Humans vs. Zombies name, rip off our players, and confuse people into thinking that we had something to do with it.

Further, selling merchandise is one the only ways we make any money at all. If anyone could just start making Humans vs. Zombies bandannas with our logo, it would not only dilute our brand, but it might make our game unsustainable.

Because of issues like quality control and business practices, when we license someone to make a Humans vs. Zombies product or service, we insist on vetting their business practices and quality. We don’t want someone who will run off with our players’ money, and we don’t want our name or logo to appear on a shoddy product. So we must have some way to know that you won’t do those things, and this vetting takes a lot of time and effort on both sides.

For all of the above reasons, in many cases we require a license if you want to use the Humans vs. Zombies brand.


You can use the Humans vs. Zombies name and logo to promote your game of Humans vs. Zombies, as long as that game is free to play. That means you can make posters, fliers, and promotional giveaways that use our marks. If you have a question about what you can use our license for to promote your game, email us at [email protected]. If you’d like help promoting your game, please visit the forums.


If you want to use the Humans vs. Zombies brand to make a product or service, for free or for profit, you have to work with us to acquire a license.

If you would like to license the Humans vs. Zombies marks, here is what we need from you:

* A description of what you want to do
* A brief explanation as to why you are qualified to do it over anyone else

If you want to sell something, we also need:

* A copy of your business license
* Some sort of proof of financial solvency, so we know you won’t run off with our players’ money

Send these things to [email protected]. Once you do that, if we approve your application, we’ll also need:

* Your full legal name, or the name of your company
* Your address

Also, before you start selling something, we’ll need you to send us a sample so we can evaluate the quality.

Our standard licensing terms are that you pay us 25% of your gross revenue, and that if you are selling an item that competes with us (shirt, bandanna, button, etc.) you cannot sell it for less than we do.

If your product or service is free, open source, or for charity, we can work with you to give you a free license - but you still need a license.

After reading this FAQ, if you still have questions, feel free to send an email to [email protected].

We hope you understand our reasons for having these rules, and thanks for your interest in being our partner!
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