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Author Topic: Full Rules Set (Subject to Change)  (Read 12653 times)
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« on: February 17, 2011, 05:53:13 PM »

The Golden Rule: DBAJ (Don't Be A Jerk)
The Golden Rule is designed to keep the game fun. Players on both teams agree to abide by this rule by not exploiting other rules listed and by not ruining the fun of the game for other players.
Examples of exploiting: lying about being tagged, getting non-players to assist players, zombies becoming active before stun timers are up.

Anywhere on Pitzer, CMC, Harvey Mudd, or Pomona's campuses, not including Safe Zones and De-Militarized Zones (see rules below on Safe Zones and DMZs).
Off-campus is considered out of bounds.
If humans live off-campus, they must inform the moderators and be present for missions, or they will be removed from the game (deceased) by the moderators.

Basic Overview:
Humans vs Zombies is a simulated zombie apocalypse with foam blasters that lasts 5 days.
Humans try to survive, using foam dart blasters and socks as weapons.
Zombies try to infect and devour all of the humans to keep from starving.
The game starts with everyone as a human besides the Original Zombie(s). These characters wear a standard player bandanna around the upper arm.
The Original Zombie(s) try to tag and turn as many humans into zombies as possible during the first 24 hours of the game.
Both the humans and zombies will have daily missions to complete, which have rewards if they succeed.
At the end of the game, there will be a final mission that determines the fate of the human race.

Players must be registered by a moderator (or equivalent representative) to play Humans vs Zombies.
To be registered, players must complete the following steps:
            -Register a username/password on the HvZSource website
            -Sign a Liability Waiver
            -Purchase a bandanna
            -Receive a 3x5 note card with their name and feed code
-Registration will be available at dining halls as advertised and through moderators for a set period of time.



Bandannas on upper arm (must be worn at all times)

Survive the Zombie onslaught until the end of a set period of time, completing as many missions as possible along the way.

Weapon of Choice:

Nerf or similar foam dart blasters:
-Blasters must be safe to use (cannot injure a person at point blank range or hurt on impact).
-Any modifications to dart blasters must be cleared by a moderator.
-Foam dart blasters cannot have a range of more than 80 ft.
-Foam darts cannot be thrown.
-No realistic-looking blasters will be allowed.
-Moderators will be testing modified blasters with point-blank shots on the player proposing their use, so players should probably test them on themselves first.

-A sock is a projectile (including Nerf Tomahawks) thrown by a human arm. “Scatter” throwing socks, or having multiple socks being held in one hand is acceptable.
-Using artificial means such as sheets or bags for launching socks is not allowed and will not be considered a stun. “Sock cannons” are considered blasters and must be pre-approved by the moderators.
-Attaching socks to ropes, hands, launching socks with artificial potato launchers or any other means besides throwing them is not considered a stun if they hit a zombie.

Melee Weapons:
-Humans are not allowed to use any melee weapons of ANY kind. Nerf Tomahawks must be thrown and are not considered melee weapons.

Stunning Zombies:
-A human can stun a zombie by hitting the zombie on any part of their body with a foam dart or sock.

Getting Eaten/Infected:
-A human is bitten by a zombie if a zombie tags the human with one hand on any part of the human’s body.
-The dart blaster (and anything the human is holding or carrying) is considered part of a human’s body (This avoids humans melee-ing zombies accidently)
-When tagged, the human is required to give the ID card with their feed code written on it to the zombie that tagged them. The human then moves their armband around their neck and starts a timer. One hour after being tagged, they reanimate as a zombie.

Friendly Fire:
-If a human intentionally shoots another human with a dart blaster or sock, both humans are disarmed for 5 minutes.
-Humans must wrap their bandanna around their hand for the duration of the 5 minute period to indicate that they are disarmed.

-Humans are REQUIRED to have their ID with feed code on their person at all times.
-Humans are not allowed to use anonymous e-mail accounts to spread information.


Bandannas on head when active and around neck when inactive/stunned; no other bandanna wearing location is allowed.

Wipe out the Human race, stay alive by feeding on humans and complete missions at the will of the Overmind.

Weapon of Choice:
-None. Normal Zombies are not allowed to use or hold Nerf blasters or socks. The only exception to this rule is the OZ (see below).
-A zombie must feed every 48 hours or it will starve.
-A zombie gains the ability to feed by tagging a human with one hand on any part of the human’s body and receiving the human’s feed code.
-The dart blaster is considered part of a human’s body (This avoids humans melee-ing zombies accidently).

Eating/Infecting Humans:
-If a zombie infects a human, the zombie gets the human's feed code. The zombie must input the feed code on their account at claremont.hvzsource.com within an hour of infecting the human to reset their starve timer and turn the human into a zombie.
-Feed Codes should be posted as soon as possible following the tag.
-When feeding, you are capable of feeding two other people. Timers until Zombies starve will appear on the drop-down menu on the HvZSource website.

-Being stunned by a dart or sock renders the zombie inactive for 15 minutes. Re-stuns by darts or socks reset the zombie’s timer to 15 minutes.
-When inactive the zombie is not allowed to be a part of the game in any way (Golden Rule).
-Being part of the game includes: Blocking darts for other zombies, communicating with the horde through audibles or shouts, blocking passageways, and anything that would hinder the humans and/or help the zombies.
-If requested by a human, zombies should divulge how much time is left on their stun timer (Golden Rule).

-Anything attached to a Zombie (notebooks, backpacks, etc) is considered part of the Zombie and will incur stuns. Non-players may not be used as shields.
-Zombies patrolling the campuses are expected to pick up stray bullets in order to keep the campuses clean and keep the humans from reloading.

Settling Human/Zombie Tag Disputes (The Parlay Rule):
If for any reason, there is a dispute about tagging, the human and the zombie will enter parlay mode. The individuals will put a hand on the other person’s shoulder to indicate that they have entered “parlay” and are temporarily out of play.
After a decision has been reached, if it is in favor of the human, the human will be escorted to the nearest safe zone of their choosing, and upon separation the zombie will be “stunned” for one minute, similar to leaving a safe zone.
If the decision is in favor of the zombie, the human is infected and must give their feed code to the zombie.

The Original Zombies (The OZs):

Bandannas on upper arm

Infect as many humans as possible in the first 24 hours of the game by blending in with the human population and keeping their identity a secret.

Weapon of Choice:
The OZs are allowed to carry foam blasters, and they are allowed to fire darts from the blasters, but become disarmed as humans would for tagging a human or being shot by a human.

Feeding on Humans
-If an OZ tags a human, the human must give up their feed code and respawn as a zombie in 1 hour.
-If tagged by an OZ, the human must give the OZ their feed code in a private place to maintain the secrecy of the OZs identity.

The Identity of the OZ:
-The OZ’s identity will be revealed at 8am on the second day. At that point, the OZs will move their armbands to their heads and act like normal zombies.

Friendly Fire:
-If a human shoots an OZ (whether suspected or not), the OZ is stunned for 15 minutes. The human is still disarmed for 5 minutes.
-Humans must indicate that they are disarmed by wrapping their bandanna around their hand for the duration of the disarmament period.
-The OZs do not need to give any outward sign that they have been stunned, but must indicate when they are disarmed by wrapping their bandannas around their hands.

-The OZ can communicate with both humans and the horde via e-mail, cell phone, etc. for the first 24 hours.
-Once 24 hours have passed, the OZ is considered part of the horde and may not communicate with humans.


White Headband

-Setup/Run/Referee Missions
-Uphold the Rules
-Keep the Players Safe
-Settle Disputes

-One moderator will be designated “On-Duty” for each mission.
-They will be responsible for upholding the rules and the parameters for the mission.
-The On-Duty moderator will be the final word in any mission disputes.

-Moderators are not allowed to divulge any sensitive mission information that would unfairly aid either side.
-Moderators are not allowed to be an OZ.
-Moderators work hard to put this game together; please treat them with respect.
-Moderators love you all. <3


Anyone not wearing a designated bandanna.

-To not be bothered by anyone playing the game.
-To not be harassed by players or annoyed to the point where they complain to the administration.
-To not be terrified by the game to the point where they call campus safety or the cops.

They Aren’t Part Of The Game:
-Players are not allowed to ask non-players for information regarding the game, such as zombie locations, human locations, potential ambushes (Golden Rule).
-Players are not allowed to use non-players as cover.
-Players are not allowed to shoot non-players with foam blasters.
-Non-players are not allowed to impersonate players.

-If non-players are attempting to impersonate players, tell a moderator.
-If non-players are harassing players, get the person’s name and tell a moderator.
Game Mechanics/Items:

-Players will receive e-mails from the moderators each day with information pertaining to missions, etc.
-There will be Humans-Only E-mail and Zombies-Only e-mail.
-If a human reads a Humans-Only E-mail and is infected, they are allowed to tell the zombies the information in the list.
-If a human is infected before they read a Humans-Only E-mail, they are NOT allowed to read that E-mail, and must immediately delete it from their inbox (Golden Rule).
-Players can use these e-mail lists to communicate, with the knowledge that humans could potentially be accidently sending e-mails to recently zombified players.
-After every mission, the moderators will send a follow-up E-mail that evening to all players explaining the results of the missions as well as the missions for the next day.
-Props (e.g.: Black Ops vests or Analyst masks) must be carried at all times; Zombies may loot any props of humans they tag, but not items.

Special Infected and Special Human Classes:
Humans and zombies can be upgraded to special classes with powerful bonuses if their team purchases or unlocks these upgrades.
Special Human classes include: Black Ops, Specter, Analyst (see Special Resistance document for details).
Special Zombie classes include: Harvester, Tentacle Zombie, Double Tap, Thriller (see Special Infected document for details).

The Bounty List:
-Every day starting on Day 2 the zombies will nominate 5 humans.
-These targets must be eliminated within 24 hours after the list is released and are usually considered the most dangerous targets to the horde.
-Humans will not have knowledge of the names on the Bounty list.
-If a human survives for 24 hours on the Bounty list, they will be given an Immunity card.
-If the zombies succeed in infecting humans on the bounty list, they will get bonus feeds to distribute as they see fit.

Immunity Cards:
-In the event that a human receives an immunity card, this card can be used in the place of a feed code.
-A human that is tagged by a zombie will give the zombie their immunity card instead of their feed code.
-The human must give this card to the zombie that tagged him or her, and has a 2 minute buffer to move to safety.
-Humans are only allowed to carry one immunity card at a time. For example, if a human survives on the bounty list for 48 hours, they will not receive a second immunity card unless the first one has already been used.

Cash Shop:
-Humans will receive money for completing missions, as well as bonus money for completing extra objectives.
-The money earned will be placed in a single account, and the humans must decide together on which items to purchase.
-The cash shop will not be open or upgraded until certain missions are completed.
-The location of the cash shop, as well as items available for purchase and their prices will be available as they become unlocked.

-Some items are not listed and will be introduced as mission rewards and explained through the mission E-mail.

Safe Zones/Safety Notes:
What is a Safe Zone?
-For a human, a safe zone is a spot that is not in play, and thus safe for the human to be in. Humans must be “grounded” with 2 feet inside the Safe Zone to be considered immune to tags, but can lean out (and fire from) Safe Zones.
-For a zombie, a safe zone is a place where they must put their headband around their neck and cannot tag a human.
-Zombies, remember the Golden Rule!

Safe Zone Locations:
-Residence hall rooms (but not dorm hallways)
-Bathrooms (You can be tagged going to or from the bathroom, just not inside)
-All computer labs
-All libraries
-On-Campus businesses and buildings (The Pit Stop, the Coop, the Admissions offices, etc.)
-Academic buildings (Anywhere that would have class regularly)
-Dining Halls
-While a student is in class (classroom setting)
-During sports team practices (not going to or going from)
-Players performing work-study or non-work study duties (or during hours)
-During club meetings or rehearsals
 -All areas on Mudd are considered playable with the exception of suites, all lounges, and academic buildings and classroom settings

Safe Zone Rules:
-Safe zones don't have a buffer, but please don't stand in front of doorways to avoid being a fire hazard (Golden Rule!)
-Do not prop open doorways that would otherwise be locked or closed
-No business or foot traffic may be impeded in any way. Buildings are public spaces, denying anyone access to them is illegal. Do not block interior doors, like elevators.
-Zombies are allowed to enter safe zones, but they must take their headband off and put it around their neck. They are not allowed to put their headbands back on until 2 minutes after leaving the most recent safe zone they inhabited. (If a zombie enters Honnold, then leaves and enters the Hub, the headband timer resets the moment the zombie leaves the Hub)

-Sixth Street, the Sixth Street intersection, as well as College Way are considered De-Militarized Zones.
-The game is considered on hold in these zones.
-Zombies have a 5 second respawn that starts when they exit the DMZ (Counted as 1-BrainsBrainsBrains, 2-BrainsBrainsBrains, etc.).
-Humans cannot linger in the street and cannot fire from DMZs.
-Zombies are not allowed to prevent a human from crossing the DMZ.
-Humans are only allowed to use the DMZ to cross from North Campus to South Campus.
-Humans are not allowed to use the DMZ as a safe zone (i.e. walking along the bike lanes instead of the sidewalk, jumping from the sidewalk to the road).
-Any human or zombie found repeatedly exploiting the DMZ will be removed from the game.
-This is a serious safety issue. Someone can very easily get tackled off of a bike or longboard.
-NO CARS. Players can have doors slammed on their hands, and could be run over.
-This rule is a SEVERE inconvenience to players with busy schedules, so plan accordingly for walking everywhere.
-If a player is seen using a vehicle by a moderator, they will be warned verbally. Players found repeatedly breaking this rule will be removed from the game (deceased).

Exception: Moderators are allowed to use vehicles to go to and from locations to set up missions, but only if they are wearing their WHITE moderator bandanna.
Final note: If someone is, in fact, being a jerk, or breaking any of the rules, please tell your friendly moderators via e-mail ([email protected]) or cell phone. Anyone repeatedly disrupting the game immediately becomes deceased and out of play.

Rules and Mechanics Not Applicable for the SP11 Semester:
Non-Playable Characters (NPCs):

-Purple bandanna on their arm or head
-Bandanna placement will depend on the character that NPC will be playing

-Represent different characters within the plotline, from scientists and survivors to mysterious government officials.
-Provide information or a physical objective/waypoint for players during missions

Weapon of Choice:
-Dependent on the character and mission. Weapons range from none to a Punisher
Player interaction:
-The character of the NPCs, as well as their affiliation (Human or Zombie) will be identified in mission E-mails sent by the moderators
-NPCs will be played by non-registered players OR moderators
-NPCs will not be considered part of the game until certain conditions are met unless specified otherwise by the mission E-mail (Example: NPC survivors cannot be attacked by zombies until they are touched by a human)
-If designated, NPCs can stun zombies. NPCs CANNOT turn players into zombies.
-NPCs will be playing a role, and can handle designated mission items, as well as divulge plot/mission information that they have been told.

-NPCs must sign a liability waiver before becoming part of the game.
-Any NPCs found repeatedly breaking the rules or being a jerk will be instantly removed from the game.

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« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2011, 02:40:08 AM »

Rule clarification: are the hallways of Case Dorm safe zones? I haven't been able to get a clear answer about whether they count as suite/lounge/private-card-access areas (safe zones) or dorm hallways (not).

Thank you,

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« Reply #2 on: February 22, 2011, 12:50:44 AM »

What's the ruling on Scripps?
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« Reply #3 on: February 22, 2011, 12:55:16 AM »

Rule clarification: are the hallways of Case Dorm safe zones? I haven't been able to get a clear answer about whether they count as suite/lounge/private-card-access areas (safe zones) or dorm hallways (not).

Thank you,

Yes. Thank you for asking this question everywhere. See topic on safe zones for further questions.

What's the ruling on Scripps?
Scripps is not playing this years, but may in the future. They are considered a giant safe-zone.

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« Reply #4 on: February 25, 2011, 05:54:15 PM »

Do custom/modded darts need to be approved?
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« Reply #5 on: February 26, 2011, 01:44:57 PM »

Modified darts are (in general) not allowed, because we are concerned that they could injure players.

An exception to this is cutting some of the tail off of any Nerf or BuzzBee dart (but doing nothing else).

~James White
HvZ Claremont Moderating Team

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« Reply #6 on: February 28, 2011, 04:39:55 AM »

I wish I had read this sooner. I have welts from some modded darts >.<
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