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Author Topic: My How-to on: Running a successful Humans vs. Zombies game at your high school.  (Read 5084 times)

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« on: March 26, 2011, 12:22:45 PM »

(This topic may take me awhile to finish, it's not done yet in case you can't tell  Grin)

I know a lot of you reading have wondered, "How do I get this awesome game designed for a college campus to even work at my high school??" I asked the same question & found an answer! This will be a relatively long topic, so I'll have a table of conents so you can skip to the part you want/need.

Table of Contents
Post 1-Introduction
Post 2-Possible Locations/Solo Moderator vs. Team of Moderators
Post 3-Basic Rule Set
Post 4-Missions
Post 5-Misc.

Well, to start off, I'll give you some background on myself. I'm a senior in as high school of about 600 students. For the last 2 years, I've ran a game of Humans vs. Zombies over Spring Break, drawing approximately 100 participants each time. It's been an interesting experience & I feel I have learned a ton through organizing them.

First off, I feel I should say something. I don't believe a true to form Humans vs. Zombies game can be played while you are actually in school. For one thing, no administration body I know of would EVER approve it. If, however, you miraculously got it approved, then what? They obviously won't let you run missions during class time. Your only bet would be between classes or during lunch.

Of course, you could take that route, but it would be nowhere close to the excitement experienced during a real game of HVZ. So now what?

The games I have run take place during Spring Break. It has an advantage over Winter/Christmas Break obviously because of the weather. It beats Summer because it allows you to sign people up during school the week before, the seniors are still around, and the weather is milder.

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Post #2
Locations & Moderation

Following my setup, you need somewhere besides your school to host your zombie infestation. We use our City Park, but any open areas around your town could work. A majority of our missions take place at the park, but a few were at the football field across town.

Large areas that have a mixture of open, flat ground & wooded areas are ideal. They provide a perfect basis for virtually any mission.



Now, such a large scale undertaking needs someone or a group of someones making sure everything runs smoothly! This means you, as the organizer, must decide who will take this role. It comes down to whether you want to run the game on your own, or if you want to enlist a few friends to help out. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

Solo Moderation
-No arguments among moderating group. Your word becomes rule.
-Easy to make split-second decisions when an issue comes up during the game.
-Everyone playing knows who to go to with questions.

-It will be an intense week for you. Little, to no sleep is a guarantee. My first year, I was running on 30 minutes-1 hour of sleep a night. By consequence, I had a wreck the second to last night & totaled two cars.
-It will be expensive. I spend well over $100 on supplies throughout the week. Over $200 if you count gas (which I also paid for).
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« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2011, 10:48:20 AM »

Another tip:
If your principle is dead set against this happening, and you already have a list of people interested, hide it in your undergarments when they haul your butt into the office. then protest at your belongings being searched, and take a few items of outerwear off, leaving you legally covered, and your principle too highly embarrassed to respond.

Makes for a great story later in life.

I don't believe in Signatures!
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