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Author Topic: Mission Directory  (Read 17322 times)
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I met a survivor from Zombieland...

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« on: April 10, 2011, 06:49:42 PM »

This is a sticky thread that will serve as a depository for HvZ missions.

If you have a thread, post a hyperlink and I'll add it in.

The more detailed, the better. Maps, Vids, Pics, etc.

If you do not currently have a thread with the info, post it in this thread and I'll post a link to your submission.

Some schools have their mods read rules and info from a script. That is the kind of thing we're looking for.


Truman, Fall 2008 <This is what I'm looking for.
Truman State Invitational, Spring 2011
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Truman, Spring 2012
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« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2011, 07:18:53 PM »

This is a great idea Ozy!

Semi-retired from HvZ due to leaving TAMU. Hopefully I can make it to some missions and invitationals.

Squad: CDC
Rank: Lieutenant

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I met a survivor from Zombieland...

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« Reply #2 on: April 10, 2011, 07:24:24 PM »


Brothapipp Pm'd me about how searching for missions was a craps shoot. I thought this was a good solution. So, post away!

"My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!"

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« Reply #3 on: April 10, 2011, 11:30:53 PM »

Here are the scripts we had written up for the Invitational - I'll post them as we ahd them in their final form, you can edit them as you like.

Mission #1: Scavenger Hunt EXTREME!

- Human squads must retrieve four items: Rations, Med Kits, Ammo, and Communication Equipment.
- Each item is located in two different positions, with three individual items at each location. Note, this means that, if we have five squads, they cannot all go to the same locations and stick together.
- Players will be based in the SUB, where they will be briefed by Colonel Snyder.
- Upon completion of Colonel Synder’s briefings, squads will be escorted by their assigned mods to their individual start locations, where they will receive an individual briefing.
- Catastrophic effects if squads link up
- Squads will be given maps of campus with all item locations.
- Mission mods will be placed around campus so they are always viewing the item locations.
- Mission mods will have a contingency plan for if items get messed with by non-players.
- Zombie respawn points are all mission mods (they cannot be right next to the items).
- Squads will return to the SUB upon completion.

Human squad starting points:
 - CHall courtyard: Foxymorons      MODS: McKenna, Adkins
 - Magruder/Violette: Orange Juice        MODS: Cleary, Danger
- Ryle courtyard: Team Rocket      MODS: Lisa, Brent
- behind OP: Goats of Thor            MODS: Clip
- Barnett: Birds of Prey                    MODS: Ward

Unassigned: Kirsten, Dalecki
Assigned: Serroque (Human Leader), LaPlante (Zombie leader)

3 boxes of Rations at Bell Wall          MOD: Clip
3 Boxes of Rations at Health Center                         â€œ
3 boxes Medkits at WCS            MOD: McKenna/Will
3 boxes Medkits at west side of McClain      MOD: McKenna/Will
3 boxes Ammo at Campbell            MOD: Lisa
3 boxes Ammo at Stokes                                           â€œ
3 boxes Comm at Lacrosse bridge         MOD: Ward
3 boxes Comm at Grim/Pershing Courtyard      MOD: Danger
Red Barn Park:               MOD: Brad
SUB:                     MOD: Serroque, Clip
At Ryle:                  MOD: Kirsten, Dalecki

Mission 1 Briefings
Initial Briefing

Colonel Snyder: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming. Unless I’m mistaken, you’ve all been briefed on the situation and understand just how delicate it is. The United States Army is not accustomed to relying this heavily on independent contractors, but in these circumstances discretion is of the utmost importance. That being said, you’ve all signed a standard release form and have been made aware of the risks. If for some reason you haven’t, please do so before we get underway. Don’t worry, I doubt you’ll see anything here in combat that you haven’t seen somewhere else. Just understand that your safety is important to us—at the very least, it’ll save us on a Hell of a lot of paperwork [chuckles].

Unfortunately, we don’t have much time to lose. From what we know, General Leonel Louthen has stolen a very dangerous weapon that uses virus-like nanotechnology. Our intel leads us to believe that containment on this weapon has been breached, and that the General and his troops have been infected.

While this nanite technology is not to be underestimated, it was still in its rudimentary stages when it was stolen. The nanites are highly virulent and can infect and control a host very quickly, meaning that direct contact with infected individuals should be avoided at all costs. Thankfully, nanite control impairs motor control enough that the affected individuals cannot use firearms and must rely on hand-to-hand combat. Less fortunate is the fact that the infestation of nanites in the hosts’ bodies makes them very resistant to harm from our weapons—however, shooting them will temporarily disrupt the energy field of the nanites in the host body, effectively stunning the host for a short time.

That is the extent of our intel. Our first order of business is to scout out the area and secure all relevant materials for our use, as they may prove essential at a later time. We have the general locations of some munitions, communications equipment, rations, and medical supplies that will require pickup. As far as we can tell, these items are respectively located in a variety of locations around the area. Each squad will be responsible for picking up at least one of each of these items, though there may not be enough to go around. We will evaluate squad performance at the end of the mission, so think of this as a kind of ‘active tryout.’ Don’t worry; enemy presence is currently minimal, and you should be find as long as you keep your wits about you. Now find your squad leader and follow their instructions. Good luck. Dismissed!

Birds of Prey Mission 1 Briefing

   You’re Birds of Prey, huh? I’m surprised Colonel Snyder gave one of our groups that call sign. It’s got a lot of bad luck attached to it, a lot of bad memories. If I recall, the last Birds of Prey I heard of was a similar operation over in Indiana somewhere, and the name didn’t work out too well for ‘em. Still, if the name’s unlucky maybe you’re here to turn that luck around.
   Right. As you know we’ve got some supplies scattered around this entire area. Each squad is responsible for picking up one item from each general location. Sure, we’re doing this as a bit of a performance evaluation, but at the same time we can’t just have one squad picking everything up—leaves ‘em vulnerable, y’know, and having squads combing over areas more than once means that they can find what other squads might have missed.
   Now I have here a map of the area, with the general location of each item you’re tasked with finding. Note that these are rough areas and supplies are limited, so you may have to search a bit. As with this location, one of Colonel Snyder’s staff will likely be within sight and might be able to point you in the right direction. Once I’ve established radio check-in you will be dismissed. Good luck, Birds of Prey. I think you’re gonna need it.

Team Rocket Briefing

1: Prepare for trouble!
2: Make it double!
1: To protect the world from devastation!
2: To destroy the forces of zombification!
1: You must find a box at each location!
2: And return them to the central station!
1: Here’s a map to help you try!
2: You’ll find a friendly officer nearby!
1: Now wait here until we give the word!
2: And forgive this brief for being absurd!

1: Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!
2: They’ll surrender or prepare to fight!

Orange Juice Briefing

1: Hello and velcome to all! This is orientation for group named Orange Juice.


1: Dah, Orange Juice. Please forgive my comrade. He not all there in head. No matter. In a typically disappointing lack of planning, supplies have been scattered all over. As Orange Juice, your task will be—


1: Again, dah. Orange Juice. Your job will be to venture out and collect supplies. We have map and guide to direct you to first set of supplies. From there, you must navigate to find other supplies. Now, despite fact that you will be doing same work as others, the rewards for you may be significant, should you complete your tasks before any other groups return. When you finish collecting materials, please return to central command station. Ni puka ni pera, comrades of Orange Juice and godspee—


1: Dah. I will release you when I am given word from central.

Goats of Thor Briefing
   Gah! I see a bunch of girly sissies standing here, and I’m wondering when any soldiers will be showing up! You! Yes, you! You think you have what it takes? I spent three weeks wading through the rivers of Guatemala fending off giant mutant cannibal parrots with three soup cans and a sharp stick! These nanite-zombie mutants are pushovers by comparison.
   Well I suppose you miserable lot will have to do. You’ll take this map and gather one of each essential supply from their locations and bring them back to central command. There might not be enough to go around, so you’d better move fast. If I find out that my Goats of Thor have failed in their mission, you’ll all answer to me personally in a shirtless bear-wrestling arena. You will be released when I’ve been given word from command.
Invitational Zombie Briefings
Mission 1

-You and your soldiers are now the root of the nanite collective.
-A Colonel Snyder and his staff have recruited mercenaries to help suppress your glorious uprising.
-They are currently looking for relevant supplies around the area in a number of groups.
-The nearest group, called ‘Birds of Prey’ may be starting their search at a location known as ‘Campbell.’
-The zombies will meet at Violette Hall in one hour.

Post Merge: April 10, 2011, 11:31:40 PM
Mission 2 - "Communication Towers"

The mission is a basic stationary node mission. The nodes will be located around campus and will have to be held for a certain amount of time by the humans in order to qualify as a mission success. The nodes are (in story) communication towers that will be used to call in reinforcement mercenaries and the heavy weaponry they will bring. Players will have 60 minutes to complete their objectives. There are 4 primary nodes to capture with 2 additional nodes to activate if the humans are rocking too hard.

Human Objective: Hold the communication towers (nodes) for 40 minutes each. You must hold half+1 of the nodes (i.e. 3/4, 3/5, 4/6) for the mission to be a success. Each node you control over the minimum of 75% will hasten the mercenaries’ approach making the next mission simpler for you!

Zombie Objective: You must capture the communication towers (nodes) for 20 minutes+ each. Doing so will amplify the strength of the nanite infestation, lowering zombie respawn time. Capturing half of the nodes for greater than 15 minutes will result in the mercenaries being dropped in with no knowledge of the situation. Base Zombie Respawn timers are set at 7 minutes and for every node that the zombies control, one minute is taken off of the Respawn timer.

Human Rewards: For every node that the humans control for the given time (minimum of half+1 of the nodes to succeed), there will be a reward in the 3rd Mission (i.e. more cooperative mercenaries).

Zombie Rewards: A zombie success will result in human bumbling taking up time during the next mission.
The Primary Nodes are:
-Crossing between MO and OP    MOD: Danger
-Behind Dobson Hall                    MOD: Lisa
-McClain-Baldwin Bridge            MOD: Adkins

Secondary “Panic” Nodes are:
-Faire apartments                       MOD: McKenna? Meili?

Zombie Respawn Points are:
-West Violette Hall steps               MOD: Lnte
-Centennial Hall courtyard            MOD: Cleary
ROAMING: Kirsten, Clip, Dalecki
SUB: Serroque


Specifications are:
Dobson node is in field behind Dobson, Barnett node is the field by Barnett
Mission 2 Briefing (Comm Towers)
Colonel Snyder:  Attention, troops!  It seems that my warnings weren’t quite enough for you bloodthirsty Ramboes, and a few of you felt the absolute need to see this rogue infestation firsthand.  A few more of you aren’t here for me to reprimand, but I think that the fate of those no longer here is a little worse than a slap on the wrist.  Regardless, it seems the enemy numbers have grown slightly, and you incompetents are going to need a little…extra help.  I’ve taken the liberty of contacting a group of mercenaries who can bring some supplies that might even the odds a little bit.  God knows you lot need it. 

Unfortunately, communication equipment here at Central is lacking, and the equipment that does get the job done is out there in the field.  I’d go out there myself, but…hey-why put myself in danger when I have you people?  We need to let the incoming mercs know the precise areas in which they’re being dropped- don’t want our support coming in blind.  That might make things…messy.

Nevertheless- you will have 60 minutes to complete your next objective.  There are four (five?) communication nodes spread throughout this campus, and in order to get through to the incoming support effectively, we will need to, at the very least, utilize at least half of them.  This ain’t some hit-the-button-and-leave scenario either.  Intel suggests that the General may very well catch wind of our plans and send some of his zom…infected forces to foil our plans.  You will need to babysit these communication points for at least 40 (30?) minutes so that we can be sure a clear signal has been broadcasted.  If you can do better than that (though I doubt you can), then by all means try.  We want our reinforcements as well-informed of this…situation as possible. 

Now, you will need to stay with your squads again for this mission.  If you’re getting sick of their faces already, well, too bad.  You’ll have to deal with ‘em for just another mission.  Once our reinforcements have arrived, you can split yourselves into whatever teams your collective hearts may desire.  Now keep your wits about you.  I would say that this is something that doesn’t need to be said at this point, but, well…it isn’t.  You’re dismissed!

Mission 2

-The attempt to disrupt the humans’ search for supplies was a partial success.
-Mention the attack on the central command post and hint at moderate success.
-The humans have underestimated the zombies, and are now trying to call in mercenaries with heavy armament using several communication stations around the area.
-The zombies must attempt to hold these stations in order to infest the communication towers and corrupt the signal.
-Holding a station for 20 minutes (cumulatively) will successfully corrupt that station.
-Corruption of half or more of the communication nodes will result in the mercenaries being dropped ‘blind’ with almost no information on the situation…making them delicious juicy targets.
-Zombie respawn points are at the west steps of Violette (between Violette and MacGruder), and the Centennial Hall courtyard.
-The humans only have an hour-long window to make this communication; afterwards, the zombies are free to ‘scavenge’ (lunch) for an hour. The next mission after this will begin at 1:30pm.

Post Merge: April 10, 2011, 11:34:10 PM
Mission 3 is the heavy unlock mission. By this point the humans have had lunch and the 5-squad structure has dissolved. Humans will be in charge of organizing themselves.

A minute group of additional mercenaries have been dropped into the area in order to secure a heavy munitions drop. They also have codes to coordinate with Penn State. Due to variable weather conditions and a delayed drop schedule, these three mercenaries are somewhat scattered throughout the area. The humans must locate these mercenaries and the codes and bring them back to base, so that they can confer and piece together with Penn State and then secure the munitions drop location.

The NPC dropped-in mercenaries are located near West Campus, Red Barn Park, and BNB courtyard. These mercenaries are more than a little eccentric and may temporarily avoid humans, attempt to chase down zombies, or lead the humans back towards base in a roundabout fashion, depending on humans’ mission 2 performance. The overall goal is for the humans to locate, defend, and escort these NPCs back to base at the SUB.

Once the NPCs are back at the SUB, they will confer for a few minutes with Penn State, solving puzzles. The drop is a large tub placed next to the flag pole (taken out of, say, OP once the NPCs are back at the SUB).
While the humans are conferring the zombies will have to go to three locations around campus and solve puzzles to coordinate with Penn State. They will learn the human drop zone from this.
Humans will exit the SUB and escort all of the NPCs to the DZ, where the NPCs will insist on carrying the munitions drop back to base. This will be a full all-of-the-humans versus all-of-the-zombies run. On returning the tub to the base, the humans will unlock heavy weapons.

-Zombie Respawn Points (5 minute respawn timer)
-Violette steps
-C-Hall courtyard

-Other Information

The NPC mercenaries were contacted via mission 2’s radio tower broadcasts. If the humans got all or almost all of the towers successfully, the NPCs will still be crazy but less disagreeable. If the humans do not take the minimum number of radio towers, the NPCs might run from humans, hide, etc. If the humans get one or NONE of the towers, the NPCs will be dropping in ‘blind’ and may very well fire upon the humans when they approach.

If the zombies kill an NPC mercenary, they hurt human intel for mission 4. The mercenaries have been keeping their eyes open, and have seen a few nanite structures being formed around the area. Killing one or more of these NPCs would rob the humans of specific mission 4 intel.
RED BARN PARK                            MOD: Ward
BNB COURTYARD                          MOD: Lisa
WEST CAMPUS                                 MOD: Adkins

SUNKEN GARDEN          Rubix cube (3x3, 4x4 if they solve it quick). MOD: Cleary/LaPlante


VIOLETTE STEPS:                            MOD: LaPlante
C-HALL COURTYARD:                   MOD: Cleary

SUB: Serroque, McKenna
ROAMING: Kristen, Clip, Dalecki

- Heavy weapons drop bin (placed in OP, brought out to the Flagpole when humans reach SUB
- codes for humans (dropped by mercenary mission mods in their general area)
- bottle of tobasco sauce
- Sudoku puzzle
- 3x3, 4x4 Rubix cubes
- human cryptogram



Mission 3

-The human mercenaries have dropped [comment either on the success or failure of previous mission].
-The humans will now attempt to locate and collect these mercenaries in order to find where the ordinance drop will occur.
-The 3 mercenaries are currently alone and scattered. They are currently vulnerable if the zombies could locate them before the humans and would give the humans a nasty surprise when they go to collect them [insert both evil and/or maniacal laughter].
-In any case, the humans will bring whatever mercenaries or information they have to their central command base and attempt to confer with the base that originally sent the drop and afterwards will move to collect the heavy weapons drop.
-Killing mercenaries will also slightly help with protecting intel for a mission further down the line.
-[Penn State shennannigans?]

Players who came will notice that the actual mission 3 bears only a passing resemblance to this script. For that we apologize - the mission was changed a lot at the last minute to coordinate with Penn State and I strongly feel that it suffered for it. This was my most hated mission.

Post Merge: April 10, 2011, 11:35:28 PM
Mission 4 Summary

1. Plot/Overview

Mission four is a node mission. The zombies have erected several unidentifiable structures around campus that the humans have been ordered to disassemble. Unknown to the humans, these structures are nanite recharge stations (spawn points) that will become active for the next mission—unless they are disassembled. Humans will have to disassemble as many nodes as possible: it takes 30 minutes to disassemble each node. This time is cumulative for each node; humans who spend 5 minutes at surrounding (maximum of a brisk walk) a node and who are then fended off may return, spend another 5 minutes there, and have 10 minutes total at that node.

In addition to the stationary nodes, there will be two heavily nanite-infested zombies roaming campus (roaming nodes). Upon reaching a stationary node (10-15 away), these heavily infested zombies will stop and begin emitting a signal that amplifies the nanite recharge stations. The roaming node will attempt to amplify for two minutes; if five zombies come into simultaneous contact with the roaming node during that time, that station becomes ‘amplified’ and will have a shorter respawn timer for the following mission (provided it isn’t disassembled by the humans).

The heavily infested zombies (roaming nodes) are immune to stuns. Because amplifying the signal requires an energy surge, the nanite-infested zombies will shock any human who touches them (or is touched by a roaming node) while the roaming node is attempting to amplify its signal. While moving, the roaming nodes will move faster the more zombies are around it.

2. NPC Overview

1. Stationary Nodes: Represent the recharge stations. Mission mods who are in charge of keeping track of cumulative time of disassembly, as well as how many (if any) successful amplifications from the roaming nodes have occurred at that site.
2. Roaming Nodes: Represent the heavily infested zombie amplifiers. Go from node to node and attempt to amplify. Responsible for keeping track of their two-minute-attempt timer and making sure the proper number of zombies are touching them in order to amplify.

3. Node Locations
RED BARN                                       MOD: Adkins
SUB GRASSY PATCH                    MOD: Lisa
MCCLAIN ALLEY                          MOD: Danger
BNB COURTYARD                        MOD: Ward

4. Super zombies
MR. HAVE A NICE DAY            MOD: Clip
SUB: McKenna

5. Zombie respawns: 8 minute respawns
VIOLETTE:                            LaPlante
C-HALL:                          Cleary

: D

Mission 4 Briefing

Col. Snyder: Well, it seems you’ve survived retrieving the ordinance drop. Good job, I suppose. Your next mission involves a number of nanite structures that have appeared around the area. Nobody’s sure what they’re form but like me you’ve probably felt the strange attractive effect they produce. I have been ordered to demolish as many of these structures as we can. You will have to separate yourselves into groups to accomplish this. Also, intelligence suggests that a few of the enemy have become hyper-infected. Your objectives should include preventing these individuals from interacting with the structures, as well as preventing other infected from interacting with these individuals while they are at these structures.

NPC: Are these ‘heavily infected individuals’ dangerous?

Col. Snyder: That’s classified information.

NPC: Well anything that’ll help us survive out there—

Col. Snyder: Lieutenant, you will receive additional intel if and when I feel like giving it to you, whether or not it helps you ‘survive out there.’ Got it? You will be dismissed at my signal.

Post Merge: April 10, 2011, 11:36:02 PM
Mission 5

Humans must reach an escape point, but before proceeding, they must find 3 items that are very important to the research of the anti-nanobot technology. The humans must find all these objects and bring them to the final evac site, Red Barn Park. Humans will be informed of where the items are whenever they acquire the previous item. Upon arrival at the final evac site, they defend it until they are all dead. Zombie respawns are the nodes from mission 4: If the node was amplified the respawn is 2 minutes? at that node, if the node was not disassembled the respawn is 5 minutes, if the node was disassembled there is no respawn. Once the humans arrive at the final evac site the respawns will be in waves from the mission mods surrounding the final area.

Items will be placed at the following locations:
West Campus: Documents/data collected from the Invitational      MOD: Serroque
OP:  Sample of nano-bots (2 milk gallons filled with water?)     MOD: LaPlante
Grim: Communications equipment (heavy box o’ stuff)             MOD: Cleary
Evac Site: Red Barn Park:                                                   MOD: McKenna
SUB GRASSY PATCH            MOD: Lisa
BNB COURTYARD                MOD: Ward
MCCLAIN ALLEY:               MOD: Danger
RED BARN:                   MOD: Will

When everyone is dead, victory! LaPlante gives inspiring speech to everyone, thanks everyone for coming out.  Last minute logistical things – remember your housing if you’re spending the night, pick up your weapons from the SUB, clean up the immediate area, etc.

Mission 5 Briefing

NPC [To Players]: Where the Hell is the Colonel? He’s supposed to be here. I mean, what the Hell was that? He didn’t tell us about those…those super-zombies, or whatever those things were. He got people killed because of that! [Gets on radio] Colonel Snyder? Sir, where are you?

[Zombie-Snyder and General Louthen step out of the SUB, accompanied by a number of zombie NPCs].

Gen. Louthen: Looking for us?

[NPC panics and shoots at the zombies]

Gen. Louthen: Please. If we wanted to attack you you’d all be dead right now. No, I feel this is the appropriate time for a villainous monologue. You see, while you were all scrambling around looking for supplies we staged an attack on your command staff. For a while I thought the attack had failed, until we began to detect a weak signal growing in our network. It was your precious Colonel Snyder—apparently he had been just barely infected, but we are resilient and grew within his system. As time went on, let’s just say his interest in the human survival rate began to drop. When our structures began to amplify their signals, it was too much for what remained of his inferior human system.

In short, your numbers have dwindled to a fraction of what they were before, we’ve demolished your command base and your superior officer is now under our control. We spared no expense in attempting to destroy you, but now we will give you one final chance to integrate peacefully into the glory of our synchronization. Surrender now and it will be an almost pleasant transition.

[NPC looks around and then steps forward]

NPC: General, I believe I speak for everyone here when I tell you that you can shove that offer up your nanite-infested ass.

Gen. Louthen: Cute. But ultimately futile. Enjoy your deaths.

[Gen. Louthen and co. leave via re-entering the SUB]

NPC: Okay, that’s it. We’re getting out of here. But we need to see if we can’t prevent this kind of outbreak from happening again. They’ve trashed our base but we have other options. We had a data backup site at a location on the western side of this zone; we’ll need to retrieve that information packet. Somewhere in the south-east side of the zone we had a dormant sample of nanobots; not as far down as the Stadium and the other ammo location from our initial mission—it should be reasonably close. Just west of there we should still have some backup communication equipment in order to call in evac. I’d suggest you all stick together—separate groups will probably get completely demolished at this point. I’ll be running incognito to see if I can find a proper evac site. I’ll let you know if and when I find anything via our radio channel.
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Om nom, kiddos.

Screw those lists of blasters. Being a zombie is just better.
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« Reply #4 on: April 11, 2011, 12:33:10 AM »

IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII was going to eventually get around to writing up briefings on those missions, but hey, they turned out better this way, and easier for me!

Night Mission (I was a mission mod and planned this with the aid of the seasonal mod team and another mission mod):

Background: Truman was hit by a voodoo spell, cast by a shaman type guy. Agent Frigg came to campus to sort it out, and brought three allied characters, one of which, the Wizard, had died earlier in the game.

Human Mission: Complete a spell in order to unlock more powerful weapons (Heavies unlock mission)
Zombie Mission: Primary - Take two boxes of shrunken heads infused with the spirits of piranhas and deposit them inside buildings by emptying the box into each door on the desired building (would close down the building during missions). Secondary - Kill humans.

In order for the humans to complete their mission, they had to escort a minor shaman/wizard/cleric guy around campus. Before the Wizard had died, he'd started a voodoo spell to greatly aid the humans, and it was up to the cleric to finish it. The cleric led humans to five different points on campus, and when one played "connect the dots" with the order they went to the places, a pentagram was revealed on the map. At the center of the pentagram was a central parking lot, where the humans would go to hold their ground while the cleric completed the spell and unlocked heavies.

Zombies were given two cardboard boxes at the beginning of the mission, and told that four zeds needed to touch the box at all times to counter the voodoo magic of the heads (if fewer than four touched it during transit, the heads would get out, and the Shaman would have to spend five minutes regathering them all). They would decide which buildings to close, and then run to each door; at every entrance they laid the box down as a mission mod timed for 30 seconds (the heads had to be convinced to enter the building). Once all entrances had been hit, the building was infested with jumping, moving, biting shrunken heads that prevented humans from going inside during missions.


Well, it went quite well on the zombie side. Ten split from the orientation immediately (five on each box, one acting as scout) to take down the buildings. This mission was completed within 10-15 minutes, acceptable for being a night mission. As far as I could tell, the zombies loved the mission briefing and plot line behind it; rarely do zeds get true plot devoted just to them, or a mission in which they get a tangible reward (other than "go kill humans!"). The zeds closing the buildings appeared to enjoy it, despite being a repetitive activity (the group I monitored closed a building with some 8 exits, so it was a lot of hurry up and wait); they got into it a lot, even though we saw no humans the entire time. Upon completion, they went to rejoin the rest of the horde, which was hammering the humans. The humans...

In short, it was a bit of a clusterfuck on their side. I don't know exactly what happened in the beginning, but I heard reports of getting ambushed in a parking lot early on and taking numerous casualties. We had expected them to move fast, and maybe only experience one charge on every arm of the pentagram (eight minute zombie respawns). Unfortunately, they turtled along, taking their sweet time, which did not go well. The main problem was that we greatly underestimated zombie numbers: when orientation began and we took stock, there were 20-30 zeds, compared to 40 humans. Not a big issue. Unfortunately, a few groups trickled in on the tail end of the orientation, which weren't seen; additionally, there were quite a few zeds out hunting that had vocalized a desire to engage in coitous with the orientation and proceed to inanimate piles of fecal matter ("Fuck the briefing, let's kill shit"). Combined with the increased casualties from the initial charge, and the numbers swung more toward 30 humans against 60 zombies.

I linked up with the other mission mod (the cleric) right about at the third location. The humans had retreated from the cleric, holing up in a defensive location near a building. Thankfully, the cleric had some quick thinking: we had never conceived that the horde might be able to actually push the humans off of their objective, but when it happened, he claimed a "force field" and sat in place. Upon seeing the unexpected slaughter, we realized we had to end it as quickly as possible; night missions aren't supposed to be as nasty as day missions. We allowed the cleric to run off with some of our sock ninjas to quickly complete the spell and get the humans out of the kill zone (he'd previously only been able to do a brisk walk).

Player Reactions:

As I mentioned, zombie players loved it. Too often that side of the game is neglected, and treated as second class players. As such, they were ecstatic that a night mission would actually actively include them (traditionally, zeds are given a vague email saying humans might be afoot sometime tonight, resulting in an unorganized, chaotic, and largely ineffective horde; this was the situation on the mission the night following). Humans, on the other hand, felt betrayed. "That's not what night missions are supposed to be! This was like a day mission at night!" A couple well known humans died, and did not like that fact, because traditionally, humans don't die much on night missions. However, after all the dust settled, we realized the overall numbers weren't as skewed as we originally thought: Day Three ended with 110 humans and 153 zombies (smaller game this semester), and humans had started to realize that, though it was difficult, there was far more awesomeness involved in surviving a balls-difficult night mission than simply completing another gimme mission.


I believe it was a good concept, if the execution was a little rocky. Ideally we'd have had 10-15 deaths, distributed throughout the mission; instead we had something like 30ish (our Twitter feed is down, so I don't have exact numbers), including players dying arriving to and leaving from the mission. In short, it was a bit too difficult for the humans. Perhaps the paths between points should have been shorter, or the cleric able to move more quickly. If nothing else, the zombie respawn timer shouldn't have been lowered to eight; ten or twelve (the global respawn) would have made for a much more balanced mission.

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Dyslexda, what date/mission/game number was that?

Also, linking to a map of your campus or pics/vids of gameplay is appreciated.

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During our mini-game today, somebody came up with a game-type that I think I could adapt into a mission for our next game. I call it: TreeSpawn. Basically, the humans had to defend the trees from the lone zombie. The second an unstunned zombie touched a tree, it became a respawn point. We had 5-6 humans vs 1 zombie. Human armement included 2 blowguns, a Fury Fire, a RF20, a Raider with mini-drum, and a Recon with an 18-shot clip and 2 12 shot clips. There were 10-20 trees scattered in this relatively small area. Given that, we couldn't defend all of them and the zombie got several trees before attacking us. By the time there were 3 zombies all the trees were tagged, so they could focus on killing us. With a respawn point every 20-30 feet, the zombies had a tremendous advantage. Once I was zombied, I managed to get a tag on a human near a tree. I charged at him, knowing he'd shoot me. He did, as he was backing away from me and the tree. I had my arm out, and a second after I was shot I hit the tree and surged forward, tagging him. Once he realized what had happened, he knew it was a good kill.

Semi-retired from HvZ due to leaving TAMU. Hopefully I can make it to some missions and invitationals.

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I'm not sure where I found this, but I thought it was pretty decent. Its an example of how missions can link together, I've used it a couple of times now, although I used it in a fairly linear way. I'm planning on making a mission structure thats fairly fluid for the next game I moderate.

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I copy/pasted this from a writeup I did a few months ago on the 4-16-2011 10-Hour game at Berea College:

"Missions Overview

Mission 1: [email protected]:30PM
Zombies: no first mission since the only Zombies at the Game Start are the OZ(s).

Humans: Humans will designate a volunteer to be the “Medic”. The Medic will be sent to a specified part of the Game Map before the mission start. Three Humans, one of which will be an OZ, will be chosen by administrators to become “Survivors”. Survivors will be sent to another part of the Game Map before the mission start. Survivors cannot be tagged but they also cannot use their blasters or socks. The Humans must retrieve the Survivors and take them to the Medic. The Medic will remove the Survivor class from those players with a two-handed touch. The mission will be won if the Survivors are healed by the Medic.

We designed this mission to introduce the Class System, as well as to provide a good entry point for the Zombie infection by placing the OZ amongst the Survivors. The mission, and the new mechanics were intuitive to players but our OZ didn’t get a chance to strike. I’d recommend not allowing Humans to stun Survivors in order to get the desired result out of the situation.

Mission 2: Home Electrical [email protected]:30PM
Zombies: if three Humans are tagged during the mission, Zombies are given a reduced (10 minute) conversion time. Conversion time refers to the default 20-minute timer that must count down before a tagged/’dead’ Human is able to re-enter the game as a Zombie.

Humans: The weather has disabled the electrical locks on the Armory by cutting off power to the building. Humans must select two “Mechanics” to do repairs. The Mechanics will be given batons to serve as “conduits”. Humans will have to repair two different transformers simultaneously to start up the grid. Humans will then progress to another pair of transformers to do repairs, before finishing repairs at the Armory. A Mechanic repairs a transformer by holding a conduit at the specified transformer location for 5 minutes. Humans unlock the Armory for winning, gaining access to their Heavy Weapons.

The mission actually went fine and made sense to the players. The OZs never got a chance to strike since they both gravitated to the same squad when the Humans split up to do simultaneous repairs. I deeply regret giving Humans access to Heavy Weapons (blasters like the Rapid-Fire 20) when the Zombie presence was not firmly established yet. It further stacked the game against the Zombies and highlighted a major design flaw in our mission rewards: Zombies need support early in order to build their numbers. They start out outnumbered and outgunned, especially since the OZs have to maintain their secrecy if they wish to be effective. Humans need support later in the game rather than earlier, in order to help them fight off the growing Zombie horde. In an attempt to be universally balanced in our mission designs, we failed to address the inherent imbalance in the faction strengths at various points in the game. By the end of this mission there were only 2 Zombies and 2 OZs in play.

In the future we will delay giving Humans access to their big guns if there isn’t a growing, threatening Zombie population.

Mission 3: Developing a [email protected]:30PM
Zombies: Zombies will be told to beware the Human wearing the Blue Scarf. The Zombies will be issued a Scavenger Hunt that skirts them across the Game Map including a few high-traffic areas that Humans are likely to patrol. The reward for completing the mission will give Zombies a 5 minute head start on the next mission.

Humans: The military is now aware of Zombies and has asked that tissue samples be collected. A volunteer will be selected to be the “Scientist”. The Scientist is forbidden from using any weapons other than the sampling gun we issue him/her and must don a Blue Scarf. The Scientist collects a tissue sample by shooting an unstunned Zombie with the sampling gun and recovering the dart. Scientists can only be tagged by a two-hand touch rather than a normal one-handed tag. Humans need to collect three tissue samples and return them to a designated location on the Game Map to complete the mission. 1 minute will be added to Zombie stun times if Humans complete this mission.

One complaint from previous games is that the Zombies didn’t have many missions that weren’t simply “react to the Humans”. We gave them a separate, winnable objective that would make the next mission more challenging for the Humans. We also set the missions up to directly interact with each other. Overall we received a positive response from the players from this mission pairing. Even though Humans won their mission we had to deny them their reward due to low Zombie population. The Scientist’s class features and objectives were designed to force the Humans to use teamwork, since they needed to support the Scientist by serving as backup but could not aggressively stun Zombies without jeopardizing the objective.

Mission 4: Operation Waldo [email protected]:30PM
Zombies: The Scientist obtained tissue samples and is assuredly working on a Vaccine to the Zombie virus. The Scientist must be eliminated. If the Scientist is killed, Zombie stun times will be reduced to 1 minute at the next mission’s start.

Humans: The military dropped in a support weapon but due to the weather, the package missed its target location and landed in the woods. Humans must retrieve it and return it to a designated location on the Game Map to win Smartguns for the next mission.

The Human mission should have been longer with more complexity due to the distances needed to travel, and also to give the Zombies more opportunities to attack. We ended up having to completely revise the 5th mission due to the outcome of this mission, in which no new Zombies were made and the Humans obtained Smartguns. We sort of accidentally overbalanced and learned another important lesson…

Mission 5: Fuck the [email protected]:30PM
Zombies: The Vaccine is in production at four laboratories on the Game Map. You must kill all Humans inside each Lab in order to destroy the research. A third OZ will be activated. Stun times will be reduced to 2 minutes. Three Humans have volunteered to join the Zombies.

Humans: A Cure for the Zombie Virus is being developed at four laboratories on the Game Map. Humans must occupy two at a time for 20 minute spans. Every successfully held Laboratory nets the Humans a Cure dart that can be shot at a willing Zombie to transform that player into a Human again.

We went waaaaay overboard trying to kickstart the Zombies. The third OZ killed an entire lab of Humans by herself, meaning that the Humans were only able to defend one lab before having to escape. The two minute stun times made holding any area impossible with the Human’s ammo reserves and all the new Zombies that flooded the game with the OZ strike pretty much killed the Humans. One Human survived, so Shawn and I had to improvise our 6th mission. We split the Humans up, extended their mission duration, drastically reduced Zombie stun times, and added a third OZ… at least one of those things was unnecessary. The surviving Human used the one Cure dart to resurrect one of the Mechanics, since we announced that Humans would get two Smartguns at the next mission.

Mission 6: [email protected]:45PM
Zombies: Kill all remaining Humans.

Humans: The National Guard have been completely overrun and are evacuating personnel. The Humans must defend the Radio Tower for three minutes to call in a helicopter rescue. They must then run to the woods to escape the Game Map before 10:15PM. Humans start the mission with two Smartguns.

We started the Zombies on the other side of the Game Map, informing them of the Humans’ end destination but not of the Radio Tower defense part of the mission. Shawn and I spawned as Smartguns. The Humans successfully held off an assault by the Zombies who had little trouble finding them; they left their Smartguns behind as they approached a field and fled towards the woods. Humans successfully
escaped but Zombies technically won the game since they now controlled the entire Game Map.

As far as improvising a mission based on two survivors goes, I think we did well. The game should not have gotten to that point, however, and we’ve learned much about game balance concerning this specific game. I also feel that the lessons learned from this game are applicable to many multiplayer scenarios where players are being pitted against each other in an asymmetric design space."

Some notes about the above: I wrote it for a different target audience so if some stuff seems obvious, there ya go. It was also the first game I had ever operated. We wrote the mission parameters loosely because we knew they'd be tweaked throughout the day.

Our second game went much more smoothly population-wise.

Here's our first mission from the second 10-hour game which we ran in the same area but on June 25th:

"Mission 1: 1215 THE RUNNER
Location: ??

One of the CDC scientists studying the crash site has gone missing. He is believed to be in possession of samples of the pathogen and must be found. It is possible he may be infected and showing symptoms of the disease. If he resists detainment, use of force is authorized. Lethal force is not authorized. A Medic will be deployed to escort the search posse.

Humans must locate and detain [redacted]. [redacted] will be wearing three white bandannas. [redacted]'s weapon will "down" a Human. A downed Human cannot interact with the game until the Medic holds that player for 10 seconds.

Humans may tag [redacted] to attempt to detain him. Each tag forces [redacted] to remove a white bandanna. When [redacted] has been tagged three times he will drop his weapons and be taken prisoner by the Humans.

If [redacted] is killed, the Humans fail the mission. One dart or sock is sufficient to kill [redacted]. The OZ may also tag [redacted], killing him.

Human Objective: This objective will be made clear during the briefing. [redacted] is to be captured alive.
Zombie Objective: This objective will be written on the index cards of the infected. Their mission will be to kill [redacted]"

Humans really liked this mission because it gave them something to do at the game start.
As a moderator I liked this mission because it:
1.) split up the Humans by giving them someone to chase
2.) forced all the Humans to basically play Zombie at the beginning of the game
3.) was so distracting that our OZ tagged two players, then put on a red bandanna to fool the Humans into thinking the OZ was still among them for another two hours.

It took about 20 minutes to play out, in total.
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Disk Defragmentation


Our game's founder, the revered Cody Sumter, has put together a computer simulation in his MIT lab in which he pits two programs against each other: the Zealously Obstructing Memory Barrier Intelligences (ZOMBI) as the local antiviurs, and the High-End User Maintenance (Autonomous Nodes) (HUMAN) as the malware attempting to infect the system.

This was a Day Four mission, with overall numbers slightly to moderately favoring the humans, and mission attendance favoring the humans.

Human Mission:
Humans started on one end of campus and told to retrieve an important program (High Value Target, or HVT) at a building on the other end of campus (mind you, we're a small campus). Upon reaching the HVT, they discover he is injured grievously and needs to find the Microsoft Executable Direct Intervention Console (MEDIC) to repair his programming. The Medic is in a building across campus (imagine sides of a square; you're going to the corner diagonal to where you started now). Upon reaching the Medic, it is revealed his tools have been scattered (Easter eggs), and must be brought to the HVT before he can begin work. Humans don't need to take the Medic to find the tools, nor do they have to bring the tools to the Medic before moving him; the items and the Medic must simply make it to the HVT somehow. Upon reaching the HVT with his items, the Medic repairs the HVT for ten minutes, after which humans win.

Should the HVT die, the time limit is drastically shortened (half the remaining time off); the Medic and his tools must still get to the same location to try and recover bits of the HVT's program. Should the Medic die, the main human NPC will have to attempt the repairs himself, which will take substantially longer than the Medic. Should both die, the humans lose the mission.

Bonus Human Mission:
After successful completion, humans are given the choice to escort the Medic and the HVT to any building on campus they wish, and said building will be unlocked for the rest of the game (we normally don't allow buildings during missions, or if we do, very few) for use during missions.

Zombie Mission:
Kill kill kill.

I was the Medic hiding in a building across campus, so I did not see most of the action before I was taken to the HVT. However, we spawned zombies relatively close, and the human tank withstood multiple charges. Unfortunately, the zombies were lacking in cohesive leadership, so human casualties were light to none.

As a reward for the previous night mission, humans had a safe zone in the middle of campus that I could go in. I was retrieved relatively early by our sock ninjas, who I then explained the "find the tools" part to. I waited with my escort in the safe zone for 15-20 minutes while the tools were brought back to the main human tank. After waiting for one final charge to finish, my escort rushed me to the HVT where the repairs began. Zombies got a few more charges in, but to no avail.

After the mission, the humans were given a brief safe zone in the area in order to be briefed on the bonus mission, and to make their decision. I received a small escort to a nearby (pretty much useless) building, and the mission was over.

Player Reactions:
Players I talked to said they loved the mission. It afforded the zombies ample time to hit the main human tank, while offered quite a bit of diversity for the different human play styles (tanks defend the HVT, sock ninjas retrieve the Medic and tools). While not the most creative or imaginative mission, a very solid, standard mission in all respects.

Oh, and Ozy, just thinking, maybe we should put this thread in HvZ General (with the Plotline Directory)?

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Updated and done.

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Setting Up Camp


Day Two Day Mission (the first main mission) in our game featuring ~240 players (small for us). Something like 60 humans showed, to 30 zombies (also small mission attendance). The first mission always has to find a way to maximize zombie ability against superior human numbers, and for the first time in our history, we accomplished this through telling humans to meet at multiple start locations. Each location received a different briefing, detailing a "mini mission" within the entire mission. After briefings, humans were free to collaborate as they wished. The mini missions are detailed below (every location received complete intel about their specific mini mission, and vague intel about the other missions, as well as receiving a note card with the details).

This game featured an extensive choice system, in which missions had multiple objectives and players could choose which objectives they wanted to complete. The Militia and Military were competing factions, and how players completed objectives affected end game scenarios, as well as missions throughout the game. In this first mission, the Military and Militia are still friendly, so objectives are not exclusive (later missions would feature things such as escorting an NPC to either the military or militia).

Human Mission
Constructing HQ

Humans needed to construct at least one headquarters building on campus to organize against the zombie storm. The military has pinpointed a strategic building in the middle of campus, and wants to surround it with autoturrets (one on each corner). This building is actually a very important building during games, due to its wealth of entrances/exits, and central position on campus. The militia requested a building on the edge of campus, far from objectives, be fortified by building bunkers. Bunkers and autoturrets were cardboard and duct tape, size at the discretion of the mod overseeing. Upon construction of the bunkers or autoturrets, humans would unlock outdoor safezones at the respective buildings for the rest of the game. They could choose to construct one or both, but needed at least one for mission completion.

Communication Lines

Humans needed to establish communication lines between buildings on campus in order to ensure a campus wide intelligence network. To do this, they needed to draw uninterrupted chalk lines between buildings. They were given four groups of three buildings each to network; each network was self contained and didn't need to be connected to a larger network. This had no military or militia objective, and simply needed to be completed by mission end (sixty minute time limit). Zombies could interrupt the chalk lines (see below).

Patrolling the Area

The General and Mayor (the faction leaders) need to reconnoiter the area to determine exactly what kind of shit they are in. They will walk a path around the boundaries of campus (ended up being about 30-45 minute walk, depending on how much combat happened). Neither NPC could die, but if tagged by a zombie, they would lie injured for five minutes before being able to move on. Humans were given a choice: the NPCs could remain together, and thus easier to protect, or they could split up and meet on the other side, thus completing the mission more quickly. Additionally, each had a secondary objective: The military wanted to collect ammo boxes scattered around the route, while the militia wanted to visit a farm and grab some cows for food. Players with ammo boxes weren't encumbered at all, but players with cows could not fight or drop the cow.

Zombie Mission

Zombies received a "Gravemind," which was a mobile rolling respawn (they also had a static respawn point). A human secondary objective was to kill the Gravemind by tagging it. If zombies kept it protected, they would receive its benefits on future missions. Zombies could keep it hidden in their respawn point, which left it invulnerable, providing the choice between faster respawns now, and potentially killing the Gravemind, and guaranteed faster respawns later.

Chalk Lines

Zombies were given a water bottle (originally supposed to be small squirt gun, but there literally was not a single squirt gun at a store in Kirksville when we went to get one) that could be used to disrupt the chalk line communications. Upon washing away the chalk line in a spot, they would inform the zombie mod, who would inform the mod in charge of the Communications mission. Humans would then have to venture out and repair the line before mission end.


Humans: Humans would receive outdoor safe zones at whichever HQ they constructed. The Comms part gave no tangible reward, and simply was required for mission completion. Collecting the needed ammo boxes and food gave humans two separate benefits on the Heavy Unlock mission two days later

Zombies: Zombies would receive the Gravemind on many (not all) future missions if they protected it.


Humans opted to construct the HQ far from campus (this ended up screwing them over a bit late game, when they desperately needed a central safe zone; a reoccurring theme was, "The mods aren't bluffing"). Communications wasn't too much of a problem, though it was more annoying for humans than anything; zombies had a habit of breaking a line and running away, rather than planning ambushes like we'd hoped (this was supposed to be similar to partisan fighters destroying rail lines in WWII and ambushing the repair crews). Humans kept the General and Mayor together on the path and completed both secondary objectives, with the Mayor only getting injured once. Zombies kept their Gravemind, as humans ignored it (they were alerted to the secondary objective at briefings), a decision which haunted them the rest of the game.

Overall, players seemed to enjoy it. The Gravemind offered zombies the ability to target one of the hundred activities around, instead of running around aimlessly and unable to choose a target. Humans initially bitched, as they'd never experienced being forced to split numbers from the start, though they effectively organized groups arriving at every objective, so nobody was short staffed. There was great communication between groups, though little cooperation; for instance, the patrol maintained almost its entire escort (roughly 1/4 of the humans) the whole time, even after departing from the dangerous areas of campus.

(Note, the dotted line represents the fourth Comm grouping, which was possibly going to be removed depending on game conditions; we left it in)

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Securing Kirksburg


Day Three mission (second main mission) of the Fall 2012 semester. Game featured approx. 300 registered players, which is standard for a fall game, though cleared/active players of course numbered lower than this, in the 200's. 50-60 humans attended the briefing, versus 40 or so zombies (many of our missions this semester featured slightly lower briefing attendance on the zombie side, though more zombies would join from classes/hunting/etc after realizing that a mission was going on).

Mission duration was set to one hour.

Human Objectives

Secure Buildings

There were five points on campus, each point relating to a nearby building. Humans built time on a particular node in order to gain access to that particular building as a safe zone for future missions. Humans needed to build 25 minutes of time (cumulative) on a node in order for its respective building to be successfully unlocked. Humans needed to be present at the node in order for their time to build.

This main objective had no 'requirement.' Humans were not 'required' to unlock a certain number of buildings for 'missions success.' The entire purpose of the main mission objective for humans was to attempt to secure buildings at their own discretion; either by selecting nodes that would be easily defensible and easy to unlock, or attempt more difficult targets that would offer more lucrative positioning as a safe zone in future missions.

Recover Lost Artifacts

The zombie antagonist had broken into the city museum and scattered precious artifacts around campus, all of them essential to the town's history. These items were community-based, referencing themes or specific players common to the game's culture. Retrieving these items and bringing them back to the militia human NPC (who traveled with the main group) was a bonus objective for humans.

Protect Captain Weaver

The zombies would be attempting to seize Captain Weaver. This is further detailed in the zombie objectives section.

Zombie Objectives

Scrounge Unobtanium

The humans' 'construction efforts' at the five points around campus revealed 'trace deposits' of the MacGuffin-esque material the zombies sought. Zombies could hold the same nodes the humans were coveting in order to build their own timer. Unlike humans, the zombies were not required to remain in proximity to the node to build time after they'd taken possession of it--we refer to this as a "slap n' go" system of node time-building.

The zombies were trying to build 85 minutes of time, cumulative and added up across all nodes.

Capture Captain Weaver

A military NPC would appear on-campus a short while after mission start. Though he could defend himself, once tagged he would allow himself to be escorted at the zombies' direction, albeit at a walking pace. The zombie objective was to bring him to their respawn point at Sunken Garden; if successful, their objective was considered complete and Weaver was then removed from mechanical play for the duration of the mission.


Humans: As noted before, successfully building 25 minutes on a node unlocked its respective building as a safe zone for all future missions. For retrieving the artifacts, the humans received intelligence for a future mission and a favorable 'tweak' of design in their favor for the Day 4 mission.

Zombies: For building time on the nodes the zombies would receive a type of mobile respawn for the Day 4 mission. For capturing Captain Weaver, the zombies received the 'Nightstalker' perk, giving them reduced stun timers (from 15 min to 10 min) after 8pm.

Mission Results

Both humans and zombies took the main objective rather seriously and had some success in accomplishing their goals.

The humans suffered from indecision for a solid 10-12 minutes during the first part of the mission, most of them hovering around the areas near their start location (and node) at Barnett (marked on map). They finally pushed onto main campus and spent the majority of the mission securing Violette Hall (the southernmost node/building combination on the map). They successfully secured both buildings while sustaining somewhat average mission losses. The humans used mobile players to quickly locate and secure the artifacts well before the mission's halfway point.

The zombies, partially thanks to the aforementioned indecision of humans, were able to build considerable (and sometimes unchallenged) amounts of time on several nodes, one of them getting a staggering 40 or 50 minutes of unbroken time. The zombies immediately devoted around 15 of their number to securing Captain Weaver as soon as he was active, completing their bonus objective long before the halfway point. Because of their central respawn point, the zombies were in a good position to influence the central campus nodes; runners and small groups maintained watch on the two, more northern points while the main horde repeatedly attacked the humans while they defended Violette.

Meanwhile, two lone humans managed to take the West Campus Suites node, which had been the zombie start location. They successfully built 24:02 on the node, stopping 58 seconds short only due to the mission's hour time limit running out. The humans were able to apply a reward from the Day 2 night mission to this area, failing to secure the building of West Campus Suites itself but gaining its courtyard as an outdoor safezone.

The mission was well-received, the zombies particularly pleased at the steady flow of kills. From a moderator standpoint, it was good to note that these kills were not over-abundant.

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Day Four mission (third main mission) of the Fall 2012 semester. Game featured approx. 240 active players. Attendance was 40-50 humans, similar zombie attendance.

Mission duration was set to an hour and a half.

The Objective

There were a number of NPCs on campus called 'Quislings.' Inspired by World War Z, these were humans who had been so psychologically scarred by the horrors they'd seen that they now acted, and attacked, like zombies.

Quisling Rules

  • Quislings tag humans just like regular zombies, but do not kill them. A human tagged by a Quisling is 'injured' for 60 seconds and cannot defend themselves (cannot stun zombies). Injured humans can still move but keep their hands up/above their head to signify their status.
  • Quislings had a one-minute stun timer for this mission, which was secret information known only to them. They did not lower their headband while stunned, requiring careful attention to be kept on them. The NPCs playing the Quislings were permitted to attack any time after their stun timer was up, keeping the humans on their toes.
  • Quislings were not killable by zombies until the zombies could be 'sure' that they weren't 'real zombies.' This was to prevent the easily more mobile zombie horde/scouts from running out, finding, and killing Quislings before the humans had a chance to interact with them. Quislings became taggable by zombies once the humans brought them into a group, or once the humans stunned a Quisling twice.
  • If a Quisling, from the time it is activated by humans to the time it is turned in, spends more than 3 minutes of time across any number of safe zones, it dies of shock.

The Setup

There were six Quisling NPCs in total, but not all of them were active at the start of the mission. There were three 'sets' of Quislings: three in the first set at mission start, two in the second set, and one in the third. The second and third set waited near to their mission location, though 'inactive' in a building until it was time for them to go outside and become 'findable.'

The zombies never knew any of the Quisling locations, because they were free to scout out possible locations as they saw fit. The human group knew the first three Quisling locations; once they'd activated/interacted with the first three, the next two Quislings would head outside to their locations; they were then findable by humans or zombies, though humans could report back to one of their turn-in points (described later) for intel on the next locations' set. After those two Quislings were interacted with by humans, the final Quisling would head outside to its designated area in a similar fashion.

Human Objective: Escort Quislings

The human mission was to use the location information for each set to locate and capture these Quislings. Once taken into the human group, the Quisling would continue to unstun at intervals and attempt to attack humans from within the group, making the human side of mission design a kind of 'dangerous escort.'

The humans had two options for where to bring the Quislings. As per the faction, choice-based system for our game that semester, there were turn-in points for the military and the militia at separate locations. Both turn-ins, by design, were fairly equidistant from the main part of campus (where the Quisling sets were located), leaving the humans fairly free to choose specifically where they wanted to turn in their Quislings.

Zombie Objective: Kill the Quislings

Fairly straightforward. As noted before, zombies could not kill Quislings until humans had interacted with them, for balance issues.

The zombies, as a reward for the previous mission, had a mobile respawn NPC. This mobile respawn would only move where and when zombies told him to. When directed to, the mobile respawn would start an 'activation period' of 30 seconds. If a human stunned the respawn during this activation time, the 30 seconds was reset. The activation period was marked by the respawn NPC holding up and waving a red flag. If this activation period was successfully completed, the surrounding zombies would be unstunned and the mobile respawn would go on a 'cooldown' of 10 minutes, though he could still move under zombie direction.


Variable. Humans took a very long time to secure the first three Quislings, only activating and collecting the third Quisling in the set almost halfway through the hour and a half time limit. The slower, larger tank group of humans collected two Quislings and brought them to the military turn-in point at West Campus Suites, while the mobile players (sock ninjas, etc) turned in the other Quisling in the set at Barnett Hall, the militia turn-in.

When the second set of Quislings was activated, the humans had little more than twenty minutes before mission end time. The tank group remained near the military turn-in at West Campus, while the mobile players located and turned in the second set of Quislings almost the minute before the mission ended, leaving the final tally at 3 Quislings turned in for the militia and 2 for the military, for 5 total.

The final Quisling was never active.

The zombies killed one of the two Quislings turned in at West Campus, but this Quisling was also credited to the human side due to confusion over the position of the military turn-in point at this location.

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