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Author Topic: Plotline Directory  (Read 25102 times)

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« Reply #30 on: March 24, 2012, 01:35:04 AM »

     In 2056 The largest hive of insect spirits is discovered on Cermak St. in Chicago, IL. Knight Errant Security is hired to cleanse the hive, but fails in there task. A retaining wall, 35ft high and 10ft thick is erected in a massive radius around the hive, and a small yield sub tactical nuke is detonated to destroy the queen. It is believed that the hive queen was destroyed in the blast, dubbed the Cermak Blast, but no proof has been found. You, as a survivor of the attack on the hive, and the subsequent Cermak Blast are attempting to survive the hordes of roaming infested and make evac.
     the player base is the masses of random citizens that have been caught inside of the Blast zone, and are attempting to escape. The NPC's the Mods are running are the remaines of the Knight Errant Security forces sent to destroy the hive. The Zombies are human hosts Infested with various Bug Spirits, granting the unique powers of the infecting spirit.

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« Reply #31 on: April 08, 2012, 02:04:22 PM »

Plot for our game starting in a little over one week:

Death goes on vacation

Death, frustrated with the menial nature of bureaucratic work, leaves the office for a week. With no one to separate souls from bodies, the dead are trapped inside their decaying corpses. They eventually go mad and try to kill anything alive. The Humans are trying to find Death and return him to his day job to end the Zombie Apocalypse. The Zombies are trying to kill him while he's in his human form so that all the Zombies will remain immortal. Death's ex-wife enters the scene and enlists the aid of the Zombies in locating him, but her motives (besides alimony) remain mysterious.

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« Reply #32 on: April 25, 2012, 10:18:20 PM »

Just tossing this out there because I've been reading it a lot lately: a storyline based on the SCP Foundation.  The storyline would revolve around a containment breach at an SCP facility that has since been sealed off.  The Foundation personnel trapped inside are trying to re-contain various SCPs while fighting off the zombies created by the release of SCP-008.  You could probably come up with all kinds of weird mission objectives and special infected based on some of the SCPs.

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« Reply #33 on: May 16, 2012, 02:44:47 PM »

Something I've been wanting to do:

Have an important NPC be a girl in a frilly dress (making it hard for her to move quickly).  This NPC is unarmed and if given a blaster will be aiming to miss (a horrible shot, noncombatant, what have you).  The game will largely revolve around the decisions the humans make in regards to her.

The first night mission will involve retrieving the young girl.  At this point, she is assumed to be the hiring scientist's young daughter, just a scared little girl who's utterly and completely terrified of the zombies.  However, when she screams, zombies seem to gather around her.  In game terms, whenever the NPC screams, all stunned zombies instantly become unstunned and may attack.

Assuming the girl dies, the game continues down a completely different road.  However, in order to have her die, she must be tagged repeatedly or the humans must fail to rescue her in under the time limit given for the mission--a simple tag is not enough.  She's not dying when the zombies get her.

Assuming the girl is rescued, she tries to escape at every turn, and if the humans talk to her, she reveals that she absolutely does not want to go back to the scientist, even pleading for her death rather than going back.  With some more pressing, she will state that she is a test subject who has been tormented in hopes of finding a cure for the Z-virus.

And it worked, too.  If the humans bring the little girl back to the scientist, he will vivisect her and create a number of cures from her remains (and the next few missions will become more difficult/bleak due to human cruelty).  If she is mercy-killed, her corpse can still be used to create a single cure.  But if the humans refuse to follow the script, rescue the NPC, but do not turn her over, she will follow them around for the rest of the game, causing major problems during missions (she'll still scream), but will ultimately be able to cure the disease, allowing for a kind of Best End situation if everything plays out correctly.

Basically, it's a potential throwaway escort mission that, if the right people make the right decisions, can wind up really changing the game.  I guess I've spent too many years GMing, though:  I really enjoy giving players a choice of how they'd like to screw themselves.

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« Reply #34 on: July 16, 2013, 01:17:51 PM »

In las vegas we did a plotline where aliens where releasing the zombie disease as an effort to make the earth weaker and easier to conguer. It made it easier to explain why some zombies where gaining powers and also why the human could find weapons that did special things(because they where alien technology). It also was interesting because some of the missions the aliens would show up and fight the humans as well as the zombies. ( if a alien shot you, you couldn't move for 15 seconds, but you could still shoot). so this plotline led to some pretty awesome missions. including the last one where the humans had to protect a antibody emitter from an army of aliens and zombies.
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