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Author Topic: Starting HvZ at my High School  (Read 3245 times)

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« on: October 26, 2011, 11:30:37 PM »

My friend and I are working alongside the staff in bringing HvZ to our school. I just registered here on the forums, previously as "Alan," but I failed to activate my account, due to AOL not receiving any of the 20+ activation 'resent' messages I attempted over the last few days. The spam folder didn't have any activation message either.

Let me first say that we've talked with the deans and got their general approval. They redirected us to the student activities coordinator and COSA. So we went to the student activities coordinator. I purposely teased the presentation with the word 'equipment' to bring up that we'll be using foam blasters. He asked what we meant and my friend asked if he knew the company Nerf. He is familiar with them and said that Nerf is fine.

However, HvZ is obviously a large event. Thus, we'll be making a HvZ club: ZAP (Zombie Apocalypse Preparation). Please don't steal the name. Smiley

So we plan to run this on select Friday afternoons from 3 PM, when school ends, to 5 PM or 7 PM. We also have to run this by the administration.

Current process for us is to get one of the deans (athletic, first-aid experience, Physics teacher) to become our club advisor. This will help ease the connection between HvZ and the deans. We'll go on to getting tweaks and I'll set up a Google spreadsheet for our Facebook group members to officially sign up. We have about 40 people without advertising. This is just by word of mouth.

I plan to use the open source provided by HvZ and register a free domain (open for suggestions besides co.cc (banned at school for chronic domains) and .tk (25+ hit minimum).) I can host it myself. I work as a community manager at a web hosting company.

So our goal is to have the club 'officialized' by Friday and the site set up on the weekend.

Is there anything you can say we should consider or note down? We hope to reserve the school on Friday afternoons, while hosting workshops on how to use or mod your foam blaster during meetings on days we don't have the next round of the event. We have to somehow word that out to the administration. We got Student Government, deans, and the student activities coordinator interested and they generally approved us.

I emailed the student activities coordinator the link to HvZ's rules, so he can get a good idea of how it works. He had problems accessing it from school. The proxy might have temporarily blocked it. It could have been a bug. It shouldn't be blocked. I told him that he should either try again or try from home.

So my friend and I would appreciate any ideas, suggestions, and so on.

Thanks for reading!

By the way, I hope to work alongside HvZ in terms of perhaps raising funds for the club by selling t-shirts. If we get enough people interested, we can bulk order a custom t-shirt that has the school logo and the club's name (the school logo will allow members to use the shirt in Physical Education classes instead of their standard Physical Education t-shirts). Bandanas won't work for us unless they are cheap so we can have enough school funding from SGO (if we decide to do that). They have t be different colors: orange for humans and green for zombies? We will probably sell the shirts for a bit higher. We send in the bulk price to HvZ and use the profits for funding for the club. I believe that's fine and doesn't go against HvZ's terms. We don't mind having HvZ's logo on there too. Again, we can work this out after the club is 'officialized'.

Thanks guys, we appreciate it.

~ Alan.
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