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Author Topic: Trying to Start a Middle School Game! Feedback Needed!  (Read 4854 times)

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« on: January 11, 2012, 11:52:31 PM »

I'm new to the forums, so I'm a little nervous.

I'm 13, and I am looking to start a small game of HvZ at my middle school. It won't be a full on game like ones played at colleges, but a small and non-competitive game that maybe 20-30 students could play. By small and non-competitive I mean the players gathering around our field at lunch, before school, etc. We will have around 10 moderators to make sure things don't go awry.

We will use standard rules, with a few modifications;

-Stun timers are shortened to 10 minutes
-Starve timers are set to 72 hours because of the limitations on time we have
-We are not going to be using any type of program to track the game so we are going to rely on the player's spirit to keep things fair
-Instead of waiting an hour to turn into a zombie, a tagged player immediately becomes infected and can start tagging other players

-Blasters or bandanas will not, under any circumstances, be allowed inside the school. If a mod finds a player in violation of this, they will be issued either a ban or a warning, depending on if they used the blaster or not. (If the player uses the blaster they will be banned and if they simply have it exposed, they will get a warning.) This ban/warning is issued in addition to any disiplinary actions the school takes.
-All play is stopped during classes, which includes the two minute period between each class.
-Players will use pink banadas, while mods will use teal or bright blue bandanas.

-Our team of mods will pick up darts every two days, and deposite them in a box in our school office. Players will be able to purchase these darts for 25 cents each. (Less acceptable quality darts will be sold at a discount price of 10 cents each)
-All funds raised by players buying darts will go stright to our school in the form of donations
-If players choose, the can mark thier darts with a unique marking that is kept on file. This is so that when a mod finds one of these unique darts, they will be returned right away to thier owner.

-Any blasters modified to resemble real life weapons will not be allowed. In addition, any blasters that inflict a distinct amount of pain will not be allowed. (A mod has a final say on the ruling of a blaster)
-If a player is injured by another player's weapon the player that used the weapon will be banned from the game in addition to disiplinary actions the school takes.

Please tell me your comments on these rules as well as any questions or constructive critisism! It's well apprieciated!

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« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2012, 04:47:23 AM »

good, however - a few points:

1. use a program. its free, so why not use source?!
2. 10 mods to 20-30 players is too much, unless they are playing, which could bias things.
3. god idea about the dart box, but instead of getting mods to pick up get everybody to pick up every day, it'll help keep your school happy. the one with the most darts picked up , could for instance, win a prize, like the darts he collected are his etc.
4. either restrict ranges to a certain distance, or allow stock only for the first game. good call about the injury clause.
5. finally, you should specify that blasters should be carried only in bags in class - at first i got the feeling you weren't allowed blaster at school, which when i first read it seemed contradictory to me (no blasters at school, play at school etc). 

If you'll excuse me, I have to go kick a puppy.

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« Reply #2 on: January 12, 2012, 01:15:23 PM »

what i am doing for my game in avon indiana i got permission from a local park and i am making it a 6-8 hour game
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