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Author Topic: Survival of the Fittest  (Read 1331 times)
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« on: May 06, 2012, 06:26:26 PM »

Hey guys, I am a big fan of the Predator movies like Aliens vs Predators and the new movie that came out I believe only a year ago, Predators. Recently, as I was watching this latter film, it got me thinking about what I would do if I was dropped on to an alien world with minimum resources and even fewer friends. With this in mind, I would like to start a thread concerning what you would do if you was dropped on to an alien world where HVZ is played, but you are the only humans there with hordes of zombies as your company.

Basically, these are the following perimeters concerning this topic. You and a small band of heros have just been dropped into a large, deserted metropolis area with minimum supplies and weapons; the weapons can be anything that is normally used during HVZ, but you are only allowed to bring enough supplies that you can realistically carry on your back. Additional weapons and resources can be found at a few conventional places throughout the city such as food from a grocery store or weapons from the police station for example. You can also bring whoever you want though it is limited to a group of 10 individuals, including yourself. The goal of this simulation is to see if you can safely navigate out of the city and find some kind of means of transportation away (think alien planet), though it wouldn't be easy. Just like in HVZ, the zombies can be eliminated by shooting them anywhere on their person with Nerf weaponry and similar devices, but once you shot them they are dead; there is no stunned zombies here. At the same time, these zombies are the fast, investious kind that you find on movies like 28 Days Later. The amount of zombies that is in play is controlled by the level you are on. For instance, on level one you can expect to see about 10 zombies, but as you progress through the city the infection is going to get to the point when you going to see 100+ zombie hordes. There are no safe zones on this planet; you are at risk of infection at all times.

Along with correcting me on technicalties involving this scenario, please leave posts concerning how you would survive in this simulation.

Spring 2014 Loadout:
Primary: Praxis w/RDS, Nerf Raider stock, Halo mounting system
Secondary: Socks
Day-to-Day: Roughcut w/pistol grip, raider stock
Ammo: 40-round drum, extended Vortex clips, extra discs
Equipment: Vortex LBE w/fanny pack, Mechanix gloves, shemagh, sock pouch, dump pouch, my
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