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Author Topic: The Human's Comprehensive Guide to Victory (With Pictures)  (Read 31410 times)
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« Reply #30 on: March 06, 2015, 06:51:26 AM »

Small update. I know that you guys probably don't check this post out as often anymore, but this is for BluEncore, for last time he requested an update on my squad: As of now, my career as a student HvZ player has ended and I begin a post-college career(for the time being until I move out of my college town)

My last game was certainly the most eventful. I had retired players come out of retirement and fight with us on nights when we needed them the most. I also stepped down as leader this past game and let other members step up to take charge and organize. My scout squad, or the legendary arrow squad, defended 1 of the player objectives against 40 zombies with only 3 people and a handful of socks. I am swelling with pride for them.

Our squad, sadly, hasn't stayed traditional anymore but it isn't all bad. There are some members of our squad going full time zed, stepping up as humans, and so forth. I've learned to embrace getting taken down when it happens, or at least plan on taking more zeds down when I do next game.

I am about to prep for my next game this upcoming March and I'm excited. I just want to thank the community out there for making this game awesome and what it is. And this human survival guide. ZERO, my squad, has evolved to adapt with the changes in gameplay and have always come out on top. I'd recommend this guide to anyone first starting out in this game or even a refresher for veteran players.

I'm glad to hear things have been going well. You'll have to excuse my late reply (if you're ever around to read it). I graduated college a year ago and have moved on to pursue my career, but I still come by to check the forums once every few months (and still check by my beloved SCAD HvZ online regularly).

If there is one thing that I would cover about this guide that I didn't, it's growth--and I mean long term growth. I think in my time both in and out of VIGIL, I made a lot of good moves and a few bad moves. VIGIL in its traditional form doesn't exist anymore, but the people and the experiences that they kept (for better or worse) have formulated them to an extent in this game.

All I can say is, no matter what change happens, be happy, because as long as an experience is good while it lasted, then it's one worth remembering. After all, what is HvZ but a game of changing factions, rules, and friends? Smiley


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