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Author Topic: What training/drills/habits for HvZ do you practice yourself?  (Read 9173 times)
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« Reply #15 on: January 28, 2015, 02:16:33 PM »

I run a club on my campus called Vigil North, inspired by the VIGIL originization that has the snazzy guide on these forums.  We started training as a group at the beggining of this school year and have been meeting either weekly or twice a week since for two to three hour sessions.  In the beginning we focused on personal improvement, and had a lot of drills that put a lone human up against a great deal of zombies.  When it reached the point that several of our better players were only dying when they ran out of all of the ammo that they had readily available on their person(18-40), we began to focus on teams of two training together.  For the most part our training just consists of fighting a lot of zombies at once with various respawn conditions.  We occasionally throw in different sorts of drills, such as defense missions, travelling through infested territory, and survival without a weapon.  We run around a lot and its a lot of fun.  It is currently day 5 of the second hvz game that our group has been organized during, and we are all having a lot of fun.  Its a good feeling to face down a group of ten zombies or so and feel confident that you can take them yourself. 

This is an awesome idea. I wish I could get my squadmates to do this too... Well, I'll just have to work with the redshirts I take in this semester. Hopefully they can make it past day 3!

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