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Author Topic: Rusher tactics???  (Read 5403 times)
Raptor Claus

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« Reply #15 on: December 22, 2012, 03:56:51 AM »

 While I generally carry a diverse loadout and plenty of magazines, I can safely classify my play style as Rusher most of the time. I've been involved in this game for quite some time, and I have to add that there is a psychological element to this like no other. I was involved in the game where gnomeofdoom rushed the zombiess empty-handed. The fact that they ran from him was due to two things: his reputation in the game, and the element of surprise.

I generally charge with an alpha trooper so I can fire off a quick burst or run around and kite the zombies (make them follow and shoot the one closest to you, rinse, repeat). This is devastating to zombies who are in the process of forming a line charge, and usually it leaves the main human group with a much more disorganized horde to fight. My personal record (for surviving a rush) is 14. This was done with an alpha trooper and no extra gear or magazines, but I probably could have still done it with gear. The trick is knowing when to run away. Once you rush them, you have a few seconds until they are mostly stunned, or they gather their wits and charge back. Running away is the most important aspect to surviving a zombie rush, as the others have said. I would not advise akimbo anything to rush a horde, because accuracy and conservation are important when you run the risk of getting separated from the group. If you have a secondary, strap it to your back and hope for the best.

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