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Author Topic: HVZ for LITTLE dummies-how to organize a game  (Read 2180 times)
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« on: December 08, 2012, 10:53:25 PM »

Hello, fellow players
     believe it or not I am a 6th grader who is as serious, of not more about HVZ as any college student.
I play my games in country areas and during spring break.

Now let's cut to the chase: how to do this right, safely and without feeling like an idiot-

To begin, DO NOT do this without permission from your parents -
Begin analyzing a few kids. Take all types of kids and a trouble maker.
Let them play HVZ at your house or at a park.
Follow them around, or have friends follow them around and take notes
If the trouble maker is in less trouble then write it down.

-say you will charge 5$ a player to play for 1 week or 9$ for a two week pass
-all blasters will be collected and stored in a large tub, each blaster clearly marked with a name
-all darts will be picked up, ones marked will be given to owner at last period, along with blaster
-any student caught with blaster will accept concesquences
-if student accidentally finds his or her gun, they must deliver to office immediately.
-all unmarked darts will go into community chest, to be sold
-no bandannas will be worn in school or on campus(will be explained)
-humans will wear an extremely visible yellow belt at playing times
-"official belts" may be sold in the office- they are yours to keep and customize
-if a human becomes a zombie, he must give up his belt
- if a human is turned and has a personalized belt, he must give to office to be given back on Friday
-starve timers are set to 2 days as the active game time is short
-a special grassy area is staked out for play.
- an admission gate is one opening to the play arena
-the other opening is an exit
- both ends are guarded
-admission booth takes attendance, collects pay, and does overall paperwork
- exit collects blasters

When you present, always have a chart and always have paperwork.
Start with an opener- state it as a fundraiser
Be a compromiser!

There are several other details and rules I have worked out, just shoot me a PM
Jesse Abram
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~I am my own hero.~

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« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2014, 10:48:46 AM »

Should have caught this sooner.  Charging admission to a game of HvZ is in violation of the Trademark terms of use.  All his advice looks valid other than that.

Selling "official" belts is fine, as long as they are not required for play and players can bring their own belts (and other equipment).

The NoFreakin' Way - www.nofreakinway.weebly.com
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